Residential Roofing Tips For Spring

Our team at Home Remedy wanted to compile a few residential roofing tips for Spring to keep our clients ahead of the curve as the weather warms up.  A lot of homeowners never think twice about their roof and after the kind of winter we’ve had, that can mean real trouble.  Waiting until there is a bigger problem can be incredibly costly, but some regular, seasonal maintenance can keep your roof healthy, and your family dry.  Here are a few reasons why having a seasonal assessment of your roof is so important.

A quality roof protects your investment.

Quality materials and professional roofers such as Home Remedy can protect your entire home from the top down.  A home is the largest investment you’re likely to make in your lifetime and it is essential that you keep your roof in tip-top shape.  A regular maintenance program for your roof will save you a lot of money down the road as well.  Investing in quality shingles and making sure your maintenance and installation is done by a professional can protect your inner walls, insulate better and last through harsh seasons.

A healthy, happy roof can improve your home’s value.

A good-looking, well-done roof can add a lot of value to your house.  When you use beautiful and sturdy materials, your curb appeal can skyrocket. Installation of an energy-efficient roof can save you or any future homebuyer money every single month when all the heat (or all the air conditioning) isn’t escaping through an under-performing roof.  Studies show that having a new roof on your home can increase your home’s value by $12,000 to homebuyers. If you’re planning to move anytime soon, replacing your roof may be the final investment you need to make to ensure you sell your home for top dollar.  Look into interesting shingles, sustainable materials, and energy-saving options, or let us know where we can be of service!

Guard against damage with a quality roof.

If you aren’t conducting regular inspections and maintenance on your roof, you may be missing small cracks and crevices that could allow water or wind to seep in and trickle down into your home through the attic, into your drywall and beyond.  that slow drip can eat away at the internal elements of your house.  It’s absolutely imperative that you have a professional come out and check your roof vents, gutters, and any loose or missing shingles.  This can pre-emptively prevent damage to internal rafters and insulation as well as create a humid environment where mold can grow, making your family sick.  If these problems aren’t found and fixed relatively quickly, they can compound and cost a lot more time and money.

A quality roof saves you money.

The roof of your home sees the brunt of the elements, protecting your home from severe weather, snow, sleet, cold and rain. A roof with proper insulation, ventilation and quality materials can keep in warmth, keep out the weather, and even dehumidify your home, preventing mold.  Special, green materials and ventilation can even be eco-friendly and energy-efficient.  For what you may spend up-front, you will save ten-fold during your time spent in your home.

Having proper materials in your roof’s construction and regular inspections of your roof’s condition will save you money in several ways, add value to your home for resale, and protect the home you share with your family and the belongings in it. Whether you are looking for a new roof with energy efficiencies built in, or just a qualified team to come out and do seasonal maintenance, give Home Remedy a call and we are more than happy to help