A pergola can be a beautiful and functional patio cover installation.

Patio Covering Installations For Entertaining

Though most of us have been inside waiting for this cold snap to leave, planning your patio covering installation now can give you plenty of time to tweak your ideas and get on our schedule! Having a beautiful, functional and smart area of your yard designated for seating is a wonderful solution for entertaining.  Whether the weather is nice or if your home can’t accommodate as many people as you’d like, there are options.  Check out our ideas to accomplish a patio covering installation within a healthy OR minimal budget.

Awnings and Curtains.

A pretty option for providing shade for visitors is with retractable awning installations with optional curtains.  They can be vibrant and colorful to add pizzazz to your yard.  You can opt for opaque awnings to fully shade the area or translucent, lighter colors, letting in a bit of sun. The best attributes of awnings and curtains are that they can be pulled, rolled or tied back when the weather allows.  WE’ll also note that they can be less expensive if you’re working within a specific budget. These can lend your outside seating area the charm of a cafe patio, making it a perfect place to enjoy your coffee in the morning or a glass of wine with girlfriends after work.

A pergola can be a beautiful and functional patio cover installation. A pergola can be a beautiful and functional patio cover installation.


Choosing the wood and finishes for a pergola can lend class and architecture to your backyard, while still being smart and functional. It can let through sunlight as needed, offer a growing trellis for trailing ivy, and be the structure that provides a roof and curtains to your grill and seating.  Using reclaimed wood or another natural material for your pergola can provide an organic flow into the rest of the yard and landscaping. This is a great option if you want to be eco-friendly and stylish.

Extended Roofing.

If you’re looking for a more permanent structure, the Home Remedy team can build an extension of your roof out into the yard, creating a covered patio or deck.  A patio covering installation such as this allows you to install lighting and ceiling fans to make your guests even more comfortable. Another great option with a bit more coverage is an outdoor kitchen. With space for your smoker and barbecue pit, you don’t have to worry about smoking up the house, and you have plenty of space to show off your cooking skills!  Add a small refrigerator, kegerator and ice maker, and you’ll have the coolest house on the block.

Florida Rooms.

In Texas, mosquitos and other ornery bugs can be a huge deterrent to entertaining outside, especially in the Summer.  To remedy this, a screened-in Florida room may be the best answer. Fully equipped with furniture, fans, rugs, and floor-to-ceiling windows, you get all the benefits of the light and view of the yard, with the protection of screens…plus, easy access to the kitchen and bathroom inside. Decor doesn’t need to be all-weather materials, and you still get the feeling of being outdoors, even when it’s chilly outside.  Home Remedy Houston can help you brainstorm your perfect Florida room today!

Free-Standing Options.

If you have the budget and space, a free-standing building meant for entertaining and perhaps even housing guests can be a smart option.  This interpretation can even combine the beauty and functionality of each of the previous concepts.  The outdoor kitchen can offer entertainment and a focal point, while a simple pergola with bright curtains or colorful sails over the sitting area can offer shade and rustic, decorative purpose. One part can be covered for inclement weather while a deck or patio can extend beyond the structure to offer a safe area for a fire pit with a seating area.  A small apartment or mother-in-law suite can be a great addition if you have the need as well.  Then your guests can even have their own area outside to get some fresh air or stay the night if they had a few too many.

Whether you want to just create some shade for guests or have an outdoor oasis for entertaining large parties, Home Remedy can work out a plan with you to make sure you are more than satisfied for years to come!  See our patio covering installations gallery here and give us a call; let’s work together!