Bathroom Remodeling Services

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Bathroom Remodeling Services


Turning bathrooms into spas, and showers into sanctuaries are what Home Remedy lives for! Whether you want a simple refresh on those cabinets or a full bathroom remodel, our goal is to use our craftsmanship and experience to turn your vision into reality.Β 

Bathroom Update

A bathroom can be completely transformed by just a few modest updates to the tile, fixtures, or cabinetry. What may seem like a minor renovation makes a huge difference in the look and feel of your home, and brings new life to dated finishes.

Total Bathroom Remodel

Some bathrooms may be better served by a total remodel. Gutting a bathroom is an extensive service; tearing out flooring, walls, and other finished materials to provide a clean slate for new construction. But after taking a bathroom down to the studs, the room can be rebuilt anew with the client’s vision in mind.

Bathroom Conversion

With a little imagination and added plumbing, a bathroom addition is a simple way to increase the utility and the beauty of your home. For example, unused closet space can be added to an existing or reworked into a new bathroom. We can also transform a spare bathroom into an entirely new interior space. The possibilities are endless!