Home Remodeling Projects To Increase Home Value

With the weather steadily improving, home remodeling projects are on the top of people’s minds here in Houston and our team at Home Remedy would love to help!  Whether it’s a new deck, roofing repairs or a kitchen renovation, warmer weather can be a great time to start these undertakings! Here are a few ideas from our team to get your home updated and ready for summer guests.

Roofing and insulation.

After a long and unusually cold and icy winter here in Houston, you may have noticed some drafts you hadn’t ever felt before.  Perhaps your central heat was running non-stop or your windows or doors were extra drafty.  Now is the best time to check your roof and insulation in your home, from top to bottom, for any maintenance that needs to happen.  After the thaw, there may be missing shingles, cracked weatherproofing or just not enough insulation in general in your attic areas.  Give us a call and we can make sure that each of these elements are well maintained, patched up, and ready for any future severe weather.  Not only does this save you money while you live there, it’s a wonderful checkbox to have completed when looking to sell your home.

Exterior paint job or siding.

Nothing adds curb appeal to your home quite like beautiful new paint or siding.  Whether it’s a fresh new color or the sustainable or energy-efficient version of what you already have, your return on investment in paint or siding can be quite impressive.  Many people on the home buying market today are looking for homes that look good but also save them money, so reconsidering and replacing your siding can be a real bargaining chip when you’re looking to renovate. Even if you don’t intend to move for a few years, energy-efficient exterior options are the way to go to save money and earn it down the line.

A brand new deck.

With the temperatures steadily increasing, you are going to want a place to entertain this summer. Home Remedy is happy to brainstorm with you about the right space that fits your yard. Whether it’s a simple pergola with a paved patio or an elaborate outdoor kitchen with a hot tub, comfy seating, lighting, ceiling fans, and more, there are a plethora of options to create a space you and visitors will love, that can add thousands of dollars of value to your house.

Energy-efficient edits.

There are many areas in your home where you can make eco-friendly edits that will make your home more durable, save energy and ensure it still looks incredible.  Perhaps its different insulation in your attic, harder working shingles or double or triple-paned windows, installations of these items can drastically change your energy consumption and look fantastic as well. For prospective buyers, drafty, old, single-paned windows are a huge turn-off.  Worn and mangled shingles are an easy fix that can lend so much to curb appeal.  Regular, quarterly maintenance of these items can also save you money for as long as you intend on living in your home.

A sweet new kitchen.

Last but not least, the kitchen is where so many families and guests spend their time. Why wouldn’t you make sure yours was in tip-top shape? Whether it’s bland colors, aged appliances, worn floors, or insufficient lighting, Home Remedy can help you refresh and renovate your kitchen within whatever budget is comfortable for you. Create a wonderful and welcoming space for your visitors between Memorial Day and Labor Day with vibrant colors, a new island for prep work or even a decorative new backsplash.  Consider energy-efficient appliances for your kitchen as well, and you can’t go wrong. When you’re ready to sell, this area of your home will be a focal point, without a doubt, so give it the love it deserves.

So the countdown is on: Will your house be ready for summer visitors or to put on the market when the timing is right?  Let Home Remedy know how we can help with these home remodeling projects, both inside and outside, to add value, curb appeal and energy efficiency to your home today!