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6 Tips to Get Your Home Holiday Ready

The holiday season is upon is and that means lots of friends and family visiting your home to celebrate and give thanks. Of course with guests coming over, that means major cleaning of our homes to make sure they are holiday ready. No one wants their in-laws to comment...Read More

Holiday Season: DIY Fire Pit

With the holiday season upon us, this is the best time for a DIY fire pit. It is perfect for those fall evenings with friends or family sitting around a fire; laughing, talking, making smores. Making a fire pit is a very simple DIY task that is great for...Read More

DIY: Painting your Front Door for Fall

With Fall now here, that means it’s holiday season. Time to get your homes prepped and ready for family and friends to gather for lots of food, fun, and love. Many of us still have the same standard wooden doors from when we first bought our homes however many...Read More

We Should’ve Called Home Remedy

Stephen and Jeff are here with a light-hearted video on why you should call Home Remedy for all your home renovation and remodeling needs. Renovating and remodeling your home, big or small, is a time consuming and precision based task. Many projects you can DIY, but not every DIY...Read More

Prep Your Home For Fall

Now that fall has officially begun, it is time to make sure that your home is ready for the new season. Here are a few things to check to make sure your home is in the best condition for the cooler months.   1. Clean your gutters and downspouts:...Read More