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DIY vs. Professional Remodel

With shows like Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop gaining popularity with the masses; many people have began to think that they too can DIY their home remodel. What shows like Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop always show is that they themselves will hire out contractors to help...Read More

7 Tips on Picking the Right Contractor

In our last post, we talked about the consequences of hiring the wrong contractor. After reading said post, you were likely left wondering how you should choose the right contractor. Have no fear, Home Remedy Houston is here with tips to help you pick the right contractor for your...Read More

Consequences of Selecting the Wrong Contractor

This week we have Mike from Home Remedy showing us how a project can go terribly wrong if you choose a bad contractor. A longtime client of Home Remedy decided to use a family friend for their shower, and let’s just say that things did not turn out well. Not...Read More

Avoidable Mistakes to Be Aware of While Repairing Your Home

A couple of Home Remedy’s trusted handymen, Mikey and Revis, explore some common, yet completely avoidable mistakes that amateurs may face while trying to give some repairs to their home. Mikey and Revis are here to test out some common mistakes and give a few pointers to the folks...Read More

D(on’t)DIY: When to Consult an Expert on Home Repairs

Trying out a DIY project is usually rewarding, but there are certain things that you should leave in the hands of an expert, or in other words, DDIY (don’t do it yourself). We have mapped out a few below. Be safe and good luck with all of your future projects!...Read More