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Wood Rot- Identification and Elimination

Wood Rot- Identification and Elimination There are two kinds of wood rot which affect wood and timbers; dry and wet wood rot. Dry wood rot is actually the result of the infestation of a living fungus, whereas wet wood rot is simply the natural decay of timber in the...Read More

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Working Well With Contractors: 10 Questions To Ask

Working Well With Contractors: 10 Questions To Ask Making sure you will work well with your contractors is something very important in the home remodeling industry. You can ensure that your contractors are the best in the business and will be sure to exceed your expectations by asking them...Read More


Tile- How to Select and What to Select

Tile- How to Select and What to Select Not all tiles are created equal. Theoretically, they’re basically the same- but there are many small differences to consider when deciding the application you should use. Tiles are a combination of clay, minerals and solvents that are shaped and sized and...Read More

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Home Remodels in Houston

Houston’s Hottest Home Remodels. Are you hesitant about making some remodeling improvements to your home? Does the vision of home remodels fill you with happiness, only for the reality of the price tag to send you back down to earth? Well, fear no more. Here at Home Remedy Houston,...Read More

6 Remodeling Jobs You Shouldn’t DIY

Home Remodeling DIY Or Hire A Professional? The Internet is filled with do-it-yourself home remodeling tutorials, but executing them good can be much harder than watching a YouTube video and simply following along. Sometimes, even simple projects that appear to be quick fixes can wind up in a disaster...Read More