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Small Bathroom Changes That Make A Big Difference

Not all of us can retreat to expansive bathrooms with a fancy chandelier, a vanity fridge, and a jacuzzi. Still, we can all dream. Now, we may not get the celebrity bathroom aesthetic we all want, but we can always maximize our bathing space by making sure its design...Read More

Choosing the right theme for your space

Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or just thinking of redecorating your place, improving the space you occupy is always a good thing. Looking for ways to recondition and re-theme a few corners of your home stimulates, not just creative and imaginative thinking, but produces happy hormones, as...Read More

Keeping your cabinets super simple and in an agreeable color is a great idea for a renovation project that will pay you back in spades.

Small Remodeling Projects That Make A Huge Difference

When people think of home makeovers, many immediately think about large renovations and massive budgets. But you don’t have to be an interior designer or an architect to know that you don’t need an enormous overhaul to create big differences. A slight change of color, an ordinary upgrade, and...Read More