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No green remodeling job is complete without some sustainable wood floors.

Green Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

It’s all the rage; green remodeling ideas are making every TV show, magazine and blog out there, so we decided to join the fray!  Switching off lights and remembering to cut the water off when you’re brushing your teeth can save a few cents here and there, but what...Read More

Building a fence around your pool is a wonderful childproofing tip for homes with this feature.

Childproofing Tips For Your Home

We have so many wonderful new families in our area that are in need of childproofing tips and we are often asked the best way to go about it.  Which room do we start in?  Is there a good checklist out there of items we should purchase for each...Read More

Smart Homes – New Technology To Upgrade Your Home

With all of the new technology being debuted for “Smart Homes” there are a lot of interesting, complicated and thoughtful additions you can make to your home to make it cozier, safer and just all around cooler.  The future is now when you call Home Remedy to wire your...Read More

Installing new siding on your home can add value and make it more energy-efficient.

Renovation Projects – Waste Or Worth It?

You’ve been pacing all Winter and now that Houston is thawed out, you are looking for home renovation projects to get you home in tip-top shape for Spring and Summer.  But which ones will really add value to your home and which are just vanity projects?  Let our team...Read More

A beautiful new deck can be a home remodeling project well worth the cost.

Home Remodeling Projects To Increase Home Value

With the weather steadily improving, home remodeling projects are on the top of people’s minds here in Houston and our team at Home Remedy would love to help!  Whether it’s a new deck, roofing repairs or a kitchen renovation, warmer weather can be a great time to start these...Read More