Upgrades to Consider for your Next Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel or update can drastically improve the look and feel of your home. Subtle changes can help you make better use of your space, increase functionality, and add a sense of comfort to your bathroom. Here are some upgrades to consider for your next bathroom remodel – some which fall under the realm of minor refreshes, and others which require a little more planning and renovation. 

Install a freestanding tub.

Built-in tubs were once all the rage, but they’ve largely fallen out of fashion. A free-standing soaker or bear claw tub is elegant and acts as an attractive statement piece to your bathroom. You can get creative with the fixtures and even incorporate a sprayer attachment to make it easier to clean. Instead of the deck that comes with a built-in tub, you can think about adding a small side-table to house soaps or bath salts. 

Opt for a free-standing shower with a frameless glass shower enclosure.

An elegant walk-in shower seamlessly fits into the space of your bathroom without the bulky frame around the edge of it. The open feel allows the tile to act as the focal point and serves to visually enlarge the space. Frameless shower doors and enclosures are cut precisely to spec, ensuring that they perfectly fit your space. Additionally, frameless glass showers are easier to clean than their framed counterparts because there aren’t any ridges for dirt or grime to get trapped in.

Install a floating vanity.

A wall-mounted, floating vanity provides a clean, contemporary look while hiding the plumbing and pipes beneath your sink. There’s no limit to the amount of configurations and storage solutions you can get with a freestanding vanity. Visually, it looks less clunky than a legged vanity positioned on the ground. As a bonus, it’s much easier to clean the space beneath it. 

Invite light with a soft palette.

Bright white paint colors or tiles and chrome or metal finishes help create the illusion of space. You want your bathroom to be a place of serenity. A light and airy palette will help accomplish that goal. To keep things sparkling and clean, opt for a soft or neutral palette, especially if your bathroom is naturally dark. Choose colors that soothe rather than excite (unless that’s your goal, of course!).

Hang a chandelier over the tub.

Are you looking to add some glamor to your bathroom? Think outside the box and hang a chandelier over the tub for a classy, feminine touch. A chandelier is a relatively easy piece of hardware to swap out. If you already have the electrical wiring for a light fixture above your tub, this is a simple upgrade. Otherwise, you’ll need to add some wiring and electrical components.

Use a statement tile.

A fun, patterned tile can add a lot of interest to an otherwise clinically tidy bathroom. A trend we’re noticing a lot of is the “tile rug” look. To achieve this, you lay a contrasting tile on a portion of the floor to give the appearance of a rug. You can use colored tile to create the appearance of a mosaic on backsplash. The concept is the same as if you were using a statement paint to make a wall pop, only you’re using tile as the accent piece. 

Add spa-like heating elements.

A heated towel bar or heated floor can really kick your bathroom up a notch, taking it from a simple bathroom to a spa-like experience. In-floor radiant heating can be a lifesaver during the winter when your floors are especially chilly. If you’re truly looking for luxury, you could even upgrade your shower to a steam-shower. Your contractor can help you troubleshoot the requirements for this upgrade, as not only will you need the proper internal components installed, but you’ll need to prepare other parts of your bathroom as well. For example, a vapor barrier should be installed above the shower to protect from wood rot and the glass door needs an adequate seal to prevent the steam from escaping. 

Install a hidden-tank toilet.

The tank and plumbing components of a hidden-tank toilet, also known as a concealed cistern, are located inside the wall. This allows you to save space and retain a much more minimalist look in your bathroom. The toilet is installed anchored to the drywall to a steel or cast-iron carrier that’s mounted between two studs. Wall-mounted toilets can save you as much as ten, valuable inches of space that would otherwise be dedicated to the commode. 

Your bathroom remodel should serve three core purposes: to make your bathroom aesthetically more attractive, to add functionality, and to increase efficiency. Whatever upgrades you decide to make, consider how they will add value to your home. Discuss your goals with your contractor so you can agree on a plan that works with your space and budget. With a little creativity, you can have the bathroom oasis of your dreams.