How To Improve Your Guest Bedroom

Anyone with an extra bedroom in their homes knows how advantageous this kind of space can be. Whether it’s for accommodating friends and family from out of town or commodifying this area as a rental unit, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t attempt to up your interior design game in this department. 

Here are 10 smart ways to create an alluring guest bedroom 

white and brown bedspread

Keep it simple and classy

We hear designers of all kinds talk about the importance of bedrooms being reflective of our taste and personality. While that is true, the guest bedroom doesn’t always have to embody your individual spirit. After all, it is a room that’s made for others to sleep in. Feel free to put up bits and pieces that show a slice of your character and interests. However, avoid overdressing your guest bedroom. Covering entire walls with your favourite movie posters and your polaroid pictures only make your guests feel even farther from their home. 

Although it’s obviously your place, go for neutral tones, less graphic fabrics, and light coloured-walls when designing this bedroom. Of course, a few plants on each corner livens up the area, too. 

assorted clothes in wooden hangers

Make sure there’s a closet

No one likes living off of their luggage, so a closet in your guest bedroom is highly appreciated. If there isn’t enough space, attaching a clothesline from one nook to the next should suffice. Otherwise, consider putting up a clothes rack or a couple of hooks, basically anything that can carry the weight of hung clothes. 

If none of those is available, a drawer should be a great alternative, too. This proves to be even more critical when you’re using your spare room as a rental space. Whether by the day or for long-term, you can charge more when the guest bedroom has the bare necessities.  

white wooden table near brown chair

Don’t forget to include a desk and chair when possible 

If your guests are staying for a couple of weeks, it’s safe to assume they’ll need a corner to work at. And although a shared table in your living and kitchen areas should do the trick, a personal space for your guests to retreat to should they need to get things done provides them much needed privacy. 

Looking for a spot where guests can attend to personal matters without having to draw attention to the host can be a challenging circumstance. That said, a little workspace in the guest bedroom should be a delight you shouldn’t overlook when you have the means. It doesn’t even have to be a giant computer table. Paired with a comfortable chair, a foldable desk enough to fit a laptop should be useful. 

If there isn’t enough space in the bedroom, don’t bother. You can settle with a laptop bed table and inform your guest where it is. That way, they can simply whip it out and work from the comforts of the bed! Problem solved. 

Cheetos Baked chip bag lot

Set up a little snack station or tray 

You don’t need to be running a hotel to know that any guest will love the sight and access to a tray of treats. Find a bright space where you can set up a little snack corner. On top of a drawer, the middle section of a bookshelf, the workspace, it doesn’t really matter where you put it. What’s important is that it’s visible and the snacks are in a secure place.

If you can, include tea bags and packets of coffee and creamer, too. That way, when your guest is in the mood for a quick tea or coffee gulp, they can do this on their own, and not have to bother you. This is also the much better alternative to having someone go through your kitchen, and not know what is where. Having to clean up an accidental mess can be overwhelming for guests, as well. 

six white sticky notes

Note key places in your area

Suppose you want to go all extra, print out a comprehensive map of your district and note where popular establishments are. Include your area’s best restaurants, gyms, shopping malls, cafes, and other great places to go to. Don’t forget to indicate how much they could spend in those places, as well. 

Clearly, this is entirely a suggestion. Still, it’s a terrific way to be creative and remind your guests that you care about them. 

blue and black pen beside orange sticky notes

Pin a note containing crucial information behind the door

Emergencies can happen at any time. Write down a list of your area’s nearest police department and hospitals. Include about two to three emergency contacts, too. You’ll never honestly know when your guest will need it the most. 

Also, make sure to write your Wi-Fi password on the note. No one likes having to repeat a lengthy password with tricky characters. 

white tissue paper roll on white table

Prepare a basket of toiletries 

Let’s be honest: not too many people travel with toiletries if they intend to stay over a friend’s place. To spare yourself the stress, fill a basket with toiletries in advance—small packets of soap, toothbrush, body lotion, and shampoo are highly encouraged. If you can, include mouthwash, a toothbrush, and dental floss to complete the package. A hairbrush or comb is a sweet addition, too! If you have a female guest coming over, preparing feminine pads would be a nice gesture, as well. 

Put all these in a basket so your guest can take the entire container with them to the shared toilet, if your guest bedroom doesn’t already have a bathroom inside.  

grayscale photography of crumpled blankets on sofa

Inform your guests where the extra blankets are

You can put the extra blankets in a drawer by the wall or in an under-bed storage organiser. Either way, inform your guests where they can find what. Some people feel real cold quickly, while others don’t really see the need for extra blankets. Still, knowing where you store additional sheets and beddings can be helpful to your guests.  

black wooden table beside white bed

Make sure the room is clean

Nothing yells “this isn’t your place” louder than having your personal stuff cluttered all around the guest bedroom. Days before your guest arrives, make sure your extra bedroom is clean. Similar to how you would go about cleaning your personal room, don’t forget to vacuum the floor, wipe the windows, and dust off racks, shelves, and other prominent surfaces. 

If you have figurines and other display pieces, make sure they’re clean, too. While this is obviously a fundamental reminder, you’d be surprised how many times hosts have had to pick up specific trash on the guest bedroom’s floor the moment they bring the guest inside. 

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Don’t be afraid to invest money if it’s for a rental 

Perhaps one of the leading factors that make a room liveable is its ample space supplemented with complete necessities—drawers, shelves, a sturdy bed, cabinets, tables, all that jazz account for what comprises a decent bedroom. 

So if you’re determined to make money out of your extra bedroom, contact home remodelling experts if you need to. You can design your walls, rearrange your furniture, and prepare a makeshift pantry all you want. Still, if your bedroom calls for major renovations or a complete overhaul, you’ll have to turn to a repair services company to achieve your desired outcome. 

In the end, the returns will outweigh your costs, and you’ll be much happier you had it done.

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