Bathroom Remodel

Small Bathroom Changes That Make A Big Difference

Not all of us can retreat to expansive bathrooms with a fancy chandelier, a vanity fridge, and a jacuzzi. Still, we can all dream. Now, we may not get the celebrity bathroom aesthetic we all want, but we can always maximize our bathing space by making sure its design and function are optimized to a T. 

Precisely why for this article, we’re jotting down the best small bathroom changes that make a big difference!

As usual, less is more.

As with any space, the fewer the things around, the better. The truth is, you don’t need a massive storage unit if you don’t have all that much stuff. And even if you do, the trick is using as clever an organizer as possible. Plenty of bathrooms only seem smaller because we cramp too many things in them. From large drawers to big cabinet mirrors, using up every inch of available space can work against us. 

Like many rooms at home, the furniture we choose for our bathroom shouldn’t feel like filling a missing piece of a puzzle. For example, just because a medium-sized closet can still fit, doesn’t mean it has to. Go for smaller pieces of furniture when designing your bathroom, and make sure only the essentials are inside. Aside from toiletries, first aid kits, and a few electronics, our bathrooms aren’t really made to store anything else. Clothes, towels, and medicines can all be placed elsewhere if you think about it.

If all the negative space isn’t something you enjoy looking at, consider putting a few plants where applicable. Greens in your bathroom provide a much better room for air to flow as opposed to chunky dressers and sideboards. 


Floating shelves for the win!

When you have an average-sized bathroom, roughly 35 to 70 square feet, it can be tricky to balance the necessity for ample storage and the desire for extra space. That being said, the best way to go about this is by putting up floating shelves instead of a vanity drawer or a cabinet for cleaning agents. When you don’t have a huge base resting on the floor, you allow your bathroom to appear bigger, while not compromising where you put essentials. Being able to rest your feet directly below a floating shelf also gives you more freedom to move around.

If this project seems a little too big for you to handle—given that some cabinets are attached directly to the floor and the walls when you move in—feel free to reach out to home remodeling companies. Although this may seem like a pricey move, you actually save a substantial amount of cash when you let experts do the job. Not only are you guaranteed a cleaner, more professional look, you also won’t have to worry about redoing anything yourself. 


Glass shower doors allow more light. 

Glass shower doors are almost always better than shower curtains. Even when you don’t have the luxury of a walk-in shower, utilizing glass walls instead of other colored partitions benefits your space nonetheless. This is because glass walls don’t keep light away from certain areas. And since glass walls are transparent, you let your bathroom feel bigger than its original size. By eliminating anything large that’s meant to obscure specific corners, you unify your entire bathroom space and make it feel more singular.

The easiest way to approach this project is by installing a structure designed to hold a sliding glass door in place. If you’re not so keen on transparent walling, frosted glass walls should do the trick. The main goal is to let light, natural or not, flow a lot faster. 

Again, if you feel that this project is beyond your capacity to DIY, there’s no shame in reaching out to home remodeling companies. Having professionals achieve your desired look is far better than risking your dream space by doing it yourself. 

White bathrooms are immaculate.

Now, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we assure you that white walls extend the most light. One of the easiest and fastest ways to give your bathroom the makeover it deserves is by painting your walls white, if not using white pieces of furniture altogether. From white shelves to white tiles, the neutrality this non-shade provides is noticeable and immediate. Instead of absorbing whatever light enters your space, it automatically bounces it off and provides a brighter interior. And because most bathroom fixtures are white, to begin with, it makes your whole bathroom more seamless to look at. If this isn’t something that feels right for you, choose pastel colors anyway. While dark paint works well with bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas, lighter colors are most recommended for bathrooms granted how smaller they are by design.

white bath towel hanging on white wall

Bright lightning never fails. 

Superb lighting is the answer to many of our interior problems at home, but more so in our bathrooms. Depending on how large your windows are and the geography of where it is, not too many bathrooms get natural sunlight. As a result, you’re going to want to double your efforts in making this specific space brighter than usual. 

If you have one giant bulb to cover the entire space, consider installing one more by the mirror area. Since this is where you shave, do your make up, and brush your teeth, getting that extra ray of light makes a lot of things easier to accomplish. Although it may seem odd at first, a floor lamp is the quickest solution to brighten your space. If putting lights behind your mirror is too big of a project for you, ask help from experts and tell them what your goals are.

The bottom line with lights is that brighter rooms keep your bathroom from feeling gloomy, and where sufficient light is present, extra space feels more prevalent. 

Do you really need a bathtub?

One study says bathtub baths can take up to 70 gallons of water or more, while a regular shower consumes only 25 gallons or less. That factored in, you save more water when you choose not to soak yourself in a tub. While we acknowledge the me-time bathtubs provide, they simply veer away from sustainability in the long run. They also consume a much larger space compared to a medium-sized shower area. If you’ve had a bathtub for years, finally consider ditching it. Not only will you save more water, but you also give yourself more space. 

Clearly, getting rid of a tub isn’t something an untrained resident should do. That said, look for experts that offer bathroom remodeling services. These usually don’t take too long and are done within only a weekend. Draw the space you envision for your bathroom and ask a professional how feasible it is. 

white ceramic sink with faucet

Choose what to store in your bathroom.

As mentioned earlier, too many drawers and cabinets only make your bathroom appear fuller. Decide what items and fixtures should remain in your this space when redesigning. If you already have a drawer in your bedroom, keep your towels there instead. Things like mops, rags, bleach, and disinfectants can be stored elsewhere, as well. The fewer the things in your bathing space, the better. 

Do you have any questions about how else you can improve your bathroom? Give us a call now!