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Should You Tell Your Contractor Your Budget?

We are often asked, should you tell your contractor your budget for your renovation job? Should you give them a baseline number or let them tell you what your project will entail? There are a lot of opinions on this, as a lot of add-ons, remodeling projects, and even many large-scale repairs can vary in complexity, materials, and timelines. But when Home Remedy is called on for a quote, we like to approach it in one particular way.

Home Remedy’s take?  Please be honest about your budget when asking for a quote. The more open and forthcoming about your project needs and wants, the more open and forthcoming we can be with our ideas and estimates. When all expectations are laid out in advance, a home renovation project can be much more pleasurable for all parties involved. It is our intent at Home Remedy to not only earn your business through quality work but also through honesty in communication and cost-effectiveness. Everyone is happy when a project comes out beautifully, on time and for a good price.

Should You Tell Your Contractor Your Budget? We say YES.
Should you tell your contractor your budget? We say YES.

When you let us know your budget, we can recommend materials, ideas and details that fit within that budget.  Often times, if we can, we will even shoot slightly below your budget to still ensure you are pleased with the final product, but give us some wiggle room if complications arise. A bathroom remodel may take extra time with some saturated, moldy drywall we need to replace. A kitchen renovation may have some wiring issues we need to address for safety reasons.  Budgetary conversations can help manage timelines and expectations if, God forbid, something like this must be addressed. If no hiccups or obstacles are found, this extra cap room can be spent on upgraded fixtures, technological updates or final, fancier finishes.

Being honest with your contractor allows them to keep your desires in check as well.  If your budget is $10,000 but that only covers your materials and no labor, your contractor can make suggestions to either alter the project or not get your hopes up with a quote you can’t afford. This can save both parties time and aggravation. Maybe completely refinishing your basement to create a man cave isn’t in the cards, but some new shelving, some thoughtful lighting and a coat of paint could give it the refresh it needs while still staying in your budget.

When you are communicative and fair with your contractor,  your contractor can be fair, honest and many times, even generous with you. We hope you choose Home Remedy for your next renovation project and we hope we can build a relationship with you over customer service and professionalism – not only price – that keeps you coming back time and time again.  Check out our reviews on Facebook and add your own!