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So you want to build a deck?

Deck Building & Repair In Houston,TX

A deck can be quite the undertaking, especially if you are unfamiliar with the Outdoor Deckbuilding process. If you have been dreaming about your new home deck, then this is the article for you. Use these tips and suggestions to help with your planning process.

Determine the purpose of Building your deck

A solid plan will save you both time and money, making your life much easier. Take the time to decide the purpose of your deck. Whether or not you will be using your deck for family BBQs or lazy Sunday afternoon lounging, you have a lot of options on things you can do. The experts at Home Remedy will be here to help you every step of the way, to make sure you get all of the items you want, and maybe some of the items you may not have even known about.

Determine the Design of your Deck

Once you have decided the purpose it is time to design your deck, the dimensions need to be mapped out to ensure you take into account all of the features of your home. It is much easier to edit your designs on paper than it is to change your mind after the project is done. Here are a few design options you may not have thought of yet.

Deck Entrances & Exits

Deck design

With a simple design like this you can bring some excitement to your front or rear entrance’s. By adding stairs you can increase ease of access to your home, and potentially even add a little storage space!

Add some shade – Build A Pergola


Looking for a little summer shade? Pergola’s are amazing additions to a yard. They are also great as seating or dining areas, great for placement near kitchens areas for easy access to serve guests!

Small space Patio’s

Don’t let space restrictions rule you out of having a wonderful place to sit and relax. This simple and functional design is one of our favorite modern styles.

Need Deck Repair In Houston?

deck Repair houston

We aren’t always as careful as we should be, take this burned hole in the side of this deck for example. However, once you have put out the fire, there’s no need to fret much longer, we have the (Happy Hanydman) who can help with that.

Add a Full Patio Cover

Full deck cover

Make the most out of your backyard by Building A Patio cover that makes your back yard the place to be, rain or shine, hot or cold. This is a great addition for our master grillers out there, if you like cooking on the grill, you need the perfect place to enjoy it!

Selecting your building materials

Not only can a new deck spruce up your backyard, it can also add value to your home. You’ll want to make sure you pick a material that not only looks great, but is practical and fits with your lifestyle and location. Decking options have grown significantly over the years, take a through look through all of your options. One of our newest favorites is Ipe wood. Click here to learn more, or call us with any questions.

Get Permitting

Depending on some of the features of your deck, you could require permitting from the City of Houston. Regardless if you need one or not, it is always a good idea to find out. These safety measures will help reduce your liability in the future.
Don’t know where to start with the City of Houston? We are happy to walk you through the process and obtain all the necessary permit requirements from the city on your behalf.

For any questions about your next housing project, give us a call or contact us for your free estimate!