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Kitchen Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

The kitchen is the heart of the home and if yours is lacking in energy, storage or function it may be time for a remodel.  But if you get too creative, or too spendy, or have no idea where to start or what your priorities are, you can make some expensive and timely mistakes. Check out this list of kitchen renovation mistakes we have encountered so you can learn from others’ mistakes.

Too much open shelving.

A lot of people dig the minimalist look and having their dishes and utensils out in the open for ease of use, but having EVERYTHING out in the open can get cluttered looking. Keep those novelty mugs, mom’s old Corningware or your funky old blender put away while pretty dishes and matching sets can be displayed.

Too much of one material.

Maybe it’s ALL stainless steel appliance and a big, silver sink.  Maybe it’s all white on white on white; tile, appliances, and flooring.  Texture, fabrics, materials, tile, and metal can all make for a lot of visual interest in your kitchen.  A variety of materials can provide the warmth and comfort you want or a clean, airiness you prefer.

Not enough electrical outlets.

You may not need a plethora of plugs every single day.  But busy mornings with the kids, Thanksgiving meals and other holidays with the family can max them out.  You may need to plug in your phone to refer back to the recipe you’re making or might need a few appliances to finish off a dish.  Be mindful of placement as well.  Strategically disperse them so you don’t have a coffee maker on top of your phone on top of the toaster.

Consider the trash.

Your trash can size and look are a part of a kitchen renovation that often gets forgotten.  Do you want cabinet space to hide your unmentionables? Did you want a trash compactor installed?  Do you have a small enough space, and can stow it under the sink?  Do you make too much trash in a day for that tiny can?  This is the time to make room for garbage accommodations.

Not being thoughtful about lighting.

Some cooking can require a fine hand and all cooking requires cleanliness.  Without the proper lighting placed in the right places, you can cut yourself while chopping, or leave crumbs on the counter that can attract all sorts of varmints.  If it’s an entertaining kitchen you don’t want your guest sitting in the dark either. Whether it’s windows to consider, overhead lighting or even some lighting placed under the cabinets for your chef aspirations, make sure this is a point that is discussed thoroughly.

Inadequate ventilation.

If you’re doing a lot of cooking, make sure you have a professional take a look at any ventilation edits you want to make.  It can be a real detriment to your guests, your home and more if that is not taken care of correctly.

Not enough storage.

One of the biggest complaints in kitchens is the lack of storage.  Now is the time to figure out where you can add more cabinets, deepen your pantry or install an island with cabinets and drawers inside to provide more space.

Keep in mind resale.

If you’re never leaving your home, knock yourself out.  But if you are, think about how these kitchen details will help, or distract a buyer in the future.  Think of neutral tones and materials that won’t offend anyone’s sensibilities for the large-budget items, and save the pops of color for temporary, or easily-replaced elements. That also gives you an out if you stay there for a long time to change out those less-expensive items when YOU are tired of them.

If you also can’t believe that it’s already halfway through August and know the holidays will be here in a blink of an eye, its time to give us a call and get your kitchen ready for the holiday rush.  Let’s make your kitchen spectacular!