Floor to ceiling cabinetry can help with lack of space in your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas for The New Year

Now that the holidays have come and gone, a kitchen remodel may be in the works for your home.  The holidays tend to highlight the flaws in your kitchen after trying to cook and entertain for too many people without enough storage or counter space. Perhaps an island with barstools could have provided more seating for the unexpected guests. It could be that better lighting would have helped you see the smiles on your guests’ faces as they tried your grandmother’s famous Thanksgiving stuffing. Perhaps the lack of counter space for your buffet-style Christmas dinner was frustrating.  It could be that the walls, backsplash, and decor just need an update.  In any of these cases, Home Remedy can help with your kitchen remodel in 2018!

Storage and Space:

One of the number one complaints with kitchen renovation clients of ours is that there isn’t enough storage for dishes, appliances or utensils in their kitchen.  The first step may be to get rid of the items you really don’t use or need, but after that, it might be time to invest in more cabinetry. Whether they are taller up towards the ceiling or have rolling racks or lazy susans inside to maximize the area, larger cabinets may be the answer. Another great way to make the most of space is to use some of your items as decor, such as having your pots hanging from a pretty pot rack over your range for easy access.  Using magnetized decorative bottles or small cans for your spices allows you to put them on your fridge rather than taking up valuable cabinet or pantry space.

Your island can double as a cooking surface and additional seating. Your island can double as a cooking surface and additional seating.

Island Life:

Another great way to add storage and seating is by adding an island to your kitchen remodeling plans. The top can provide another area for your guests to belly up for a cocktail or enjoy a meal.  Meanwhile, the bottom can serve as more cabinets for storage. If counter space is at a minimum for your creative recipe endeavors, an island can double as another preparation station for cooking. Home Remedy can install this helpful area in a kitchen that needs that extra focal point with thoughtful lighting and wire the island with extra plugs. If you wanted to get even more creative, Home Remedy could install a new island range top with ventilation to provide extra countertop space elsewhere.  If there isn’t a place for a permanent fixture in your kitchen, a rolling island you can tuck away in the garage or closet may be a solution as well.

Light It Up:

The kitchen can be the focal point of the home when guests are visiting. However, when your kitchen is dark and cave-like, it lacks a certain warm and welcoming quality.  Beyond being able to see what you’re cooking and the faces of your family and friends, you can add a lot of style with fun and creative light fixtures without breaking the bank.  Another great option is to install under-cabinet lighting.  This saves valuable space in some situations and can perfectly light your cooking area during the day while providing soft ambient lighting for when you sneak out of bed for a midnight snack. Home Remedy can help you brainstorm some creative options for your kitchen remodel that fit for you.

Deck The Halls:

Sometimes you have the storage and lighting you like, but the colors and decor just need an update in an older house.  Quick changes can be made in the color of the stain or paint on your cabinet facades, or decorative drawer pulls can give them new life. Cool, neutral colors can lighten a small space making it feel more open. A warm color palette can give your kitchen the cozy vibe you’ve always wanted.  A nifty tile backsplash can add color and depth to an otherwise flat and boring kitchen.  Pick out a few classic pieces of decor for the wall, a unique planter or vase for some herbs or flowers, or an ornate or colorful bowl for your fruits and veggies and your kitchen remodel is ready for Easter’s visitors.

Whether it’s storage you need, a little more counter space for your coffee pot and toaster, or a more stylish room to entertain, Home Remedy can make your kitchen the welcoming focal point of your home for family and friends for years to come. Let’s talk about your kitchen remodel possibilities soon!