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Introducing Happy Handyman by Home Remedy


We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Houston Home Remedy Team, the Happy Handyman!

Home Remedy has specialized in Home Remodeling for over 30 years in the Houston area, and we have seen our fair share of trials and tribulations when it comes to home renovations and home repairs. However, over the years we’ve encountered one problem in particular that we believe stood out.

What do you do when you’ve reached your handy-limits, but you don’t quite need a home renovation?

So you’re not exactly looking to have your entire bathroom remodeled or your kitchen renovated, but maybe there are a few items around your home that have become eyesores over the years. We all know you’re, “getting around to it”, but when is that day really going to be? Trust us, we are all tired of looking at your dirty driveway, your gutters looks as if they may collapse under the weight of old leaves, and that hole little Tommy put in the wall is very noticeable.

Who do you call?

You have now identified the problems you need to solve, where do you begin? You can go to Home Depot and take the time buy the tools yourself, but when can you find the time? Maybe you can call your cousin Greg. Greg’s got a pickup truck and a box of tools, the self proclaimed “Handyman of the family.” He is a nice guy, despite the fact that he does not have a single handy bone in his body. Don’t call Greg.

Where do you turn?

These are just a few reasons why Home Remedy is extremely excited to announce the launch of Happy Handyman! No longer feel burdened by the upkeep of your home, call the Handyman that does the job and gets it right the first time. Whether that means, touching up paint, hanging shelves, gutter maintenance, or any other of those odd-jobs you’ve been waiting to get around to, you now have the place to call.

You don’t have to settle for a service that you know nothing about. Backed by the Home Remedy name we guarantee our handyman services will provide the same quality of care as our Home Renovation jobs.

Check out our new page at to learn more about our services and contact us if this is the guy for you!