Houston Happy Handyman – For the “Honey Do’s” your honey won’t do

Your Houston Happy Handyman

Are you tired of having to ask your spouse to fix little items around the house, only to return day after day to see that the job hasn’t been done? This is a common case of what we call “The honey-do’s, your honey won’t do”, and luckily for you, we also have a solution.


Happy Handyman, powered by Home Remedy Houston, is here to help with the little, odd projects around the house that don’t necessarily require a major makeover, but you are absolutely tired of looking at. Each one of our Happy Handymen are skilled at making minor repairs, and are happy to help take care of whatever items you may have been putting off for months!

What are all the things a Happy Handyman can help me with?

  • Touch-up Paint
  • Door Repair
  • Caulk and Seal Windows
  • Gutter Maintenance
  • Bathroom Accessories and Positioning (Towel racks, toilet paper rack
  • Power Washing
  • Minor Wall Repair
  • Picture & Mirror Hanging
  • Home Maintenance
  • Hang shelves
  • Drawer, Cabinet, and door Adjustments
  • Senior Living Modifications

We will save you time and money.

Not many people enjoy taking care of the “little” items around you home, like Gutter Maintenance or squeaky doors, it’s a good thing for you, we are the people who do care! Our Handymen enjoy doing the small jobs, and are passionate about doing them right the first time. Nobody knows better than we do,
sometimes the littlest things can turn into the biggest problems, and Happy Handyman is here to solve that.

We carefully inspect the details of your house while we are working, so that we can ensure there are not things like water leaks in your windows or doors, rotted wood throughout the house, rodent holes, or other items that could cause long term damage to your home. Nothing can teach you more about what can go wrong in a house more than being around them, and our skilled professionals have been around all kind’s of houses for some time.

Take your Saturday back!

Home Owner’s know, a simple to-do list of “House Cleaning” items on Saturday, can easily turn into an all-day event, most of the time ending in your significant other yelling at you from on top of the roof, or underneath that squeaky guest room bed. Don’t let this be you, Happy Handyman will come at your convenience, so that you can sit on the couch and watch football, while your house still gets the necessary attention that it deserves.

Home Improvement Team

Despite the fantastic name, we are not only one guy. We are a team of dedicated Home Improvement Professionals who are excited for the opportunity to help you will all of your Home maintenance and repair needs. Between Happy Handyman and Home Remedy, we have the experience and the professionals to be able to help with any of your Home Desires. Whether you are looking for someone to power wash your driveway or build a tree house in your back yard, look no further than Happy Handyman and Home Remedy.

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