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Home Project Ideas, What is your next home Project?

Are you looking to add some spice to your house, but don’t know where to begin?

Then this is the blog for you, we have prepared a list of some of our favorite small projects to add some character to your home. Check out this post to get more information about some of our smaller project ideas, that will help bring your house to life! Before we get started, if this sounds like the type of posts you want to see, go Like our Pinterest page now!


Beginning with the Zen space, this is one of our favorite additions to a home. Whether you want to add a patio to create a place to hang out, or you want to design planter beds to grow your own future meals, you can’t go wrong with bringing a little life to your backyard. This is an addition you will thank yourself for, for a long time.

Here is a great example of a zero-scaped area. This is a small example, however, the same practice can be applied to large yards as well. This style of landscaping greatly reduces water usage and is fine during droughts, while also providing great run-off during periods of active rainwater; making zero-scaping one of the most practical landscapes in the Houston, Texas area.

Small space patio

Custom Art

We won’t give too much away here, we want to let the art speak for itself, but are you looking for a custom made piece to bring some life to the interior of your home? Take a look at a few of the projects that have been put together by Home Remedy’s own Mikey Creigler with Salvage Savage, and see if there is an idea that sparks your imagination, there is certainly no lack of creativity here.


Custom designed built in furnishing

All of our projects have a unique value that can only be added by the touch of an experienced professional. Everything we do, from our design to our installation is unique to your specific project. From the beginning, we take careful measurements and draw tedious designs, so that we may exceed your projects expectations. The goal of our designs is to create something you will cherish in your home. Take a look at this quick example of how we think, before we even agree to do a project.


Looking for more storage space?

Custom built cabinets are one of favorite home installs. Like our custom furnishing we take the time to carefully match what products will look best in your home, whether it is your kitchen, living room shelves, and cabinets, or extra storage space in a bathroom, Home Remedy will help you find a solution.


Custom small builds and add-ons

We’ve got a few stories we could tell you about some crazy projects we have done in the past, like connecting multiple houses, but for time’s sake we will talk mostly about the projects for which we have photos. Below is one of our most unique projects of the year. For all you cat lover’s out there, does your cat deserve it’s own cat walk? If so, this project is of you. We custom designed and made a run that connected the house cats from the main house, to an outdoor play area where they could be safe.




We hope this article helped spark your imagination for your next Home Renovation or Home Addition. And we are excited to hear your ideas, it doesn’t matter how crazy your ideas (within reason of course), Home Remedy is excited to take on your Home Improvement projects. For a free estimate today, call us at (number) or click here to send us an email!