Building a fence around your pool is a wonderful childproofing tip for homes with this feature.

Childproofing Tips For Your Home

We have so many wonderful new families in our area that are in need of childproofing tips and we are often asked the best way to go about it.  Which room do we start in?  Is there a good checklist out there of items we should purchase for each room of the house?  What precautions should we hire a professional to complete?  Well, Home Remedy is here to help with simple products, easy renovations and other tips to childproof your home.

Childproofing your bathroom.

The bathroom is one of the most important places to childproof in your home because of the water, cleaning chemicals and medicine in the cabinets. Preventing access to poisonous materials, electrical outlets and hot water are key. Installing latches on your cabinets is the perfect first step, ensuring that the area under the sink or containing medications are not able to be opened by tiny hands. Having a professional install these and toilet lid latches can definitely ease a parent’s mind. Ensuring that you clean up after yourself in the way of electrical appliances such as blow dryers or hair straighteners can eliminate danger as well. You can also easily install screw-on anti-scalding devices and set your water heater to never rise above 120 Fahrenheit to prevent your child from getting burned if they switch on a hot water faucet.

Childproofing your kitchen.

Curious hands and minds have always enjoyed clanging together pots and pans and using pot lids as cymbals; the kitchen has always been a fun place for kids to learn to express themselves, learn to cook and help their parents with chores.  But when children are TOO young, their curiosity can get them in trouble.  Simple things like cooking on the farthest back burners, having a lid on your trashcan, keeping plastic wrap and bags up high and ensuring sharp utensils are out of reach are easily done, but if need be, calling in a professional for some other improvements may ease your mind further.  The installation of latches on cabinets can work, or a remodeling of your kitchen with less low storage can help you manage as well. If space allows, the addition of a fully closeable and lockable pantry can e a wonderful addition for a number of reasons, but also hide away unsafe materials, cleaning products or pet food from the kids.

Building a fence around your pool is one of many childproofing tips for homes with this feature.
Building a fence around your pool is a wonderful childproofing tip for homes with this feature.

Childproofing the rest of your home.

Once your baby is crawling and toddling, it can be hard to keep an eye on them every second of every day, no matter how vigilant you are. Safety gates and doorknob covers are easy and quick additions to keep your child in the room they are intended to be in. Securing your shelving and other large furniture pieces can prevent little climbers from pulling these heavy items down on top of them.  As far as bringing in a professional is concerned, Home Remedy can switch out door locks, secure your heavy furniture, and install window blinds without long, looping strings for opening and closing to more current ones, or even replacement windows with blinds in between the panes of glass.

Childproofing bedrooms.

Many things already mentioned are great tips for the bedroom as well. Securing large furniture, covering outlets, and wrapping up charger and lamp cords are a great start.  Having your remotes, cable boxes and any gaming systems in a closed cabinet is another thoughtful idea. One beautiful and functional solution is to give a professional a call to develop a closet remodeling plan with a built-in vanity to close up shoes, clothing, and socks from little hands, as well as belts and small jewelry like earrings they can easily swallow.

Childproofing outside.

When you’re inside the safety and security of your own home, you can make a lot of concessions and alterations to keep your child out of harm’s way.  However, when they enter the yard, there are a whole new set of dangers.  Open pools, hot grills, poisonous plants, old decks and the freedom to roam beyond your yard all pose different problems for childproofing.  One of the first things you can do to ensure your yard is childproofed is to build a fence around your property line and around your pool if you have one. Be mindful of what materials and paints you use and don’t forget to make sure the gate’s closure is childproofed as well. Also, Spring is the perfect time to take full account of your patio or deck’s age to replace or repair any warped or splintered boards that might cut or trip tiny feet. Remember to keep hoses rolled up and stored away with any gardening or lawn chemicals or equipment in the garage or shed.  And last but not least, if you aren’t sure, check in with your local gardener or horticulturalist to double-check that all of your plants are kid-friendly; some can be poisonous to eat or even touch.

While you’ll never keep your baby, toddler or kiddo from the regular mischief and boo-boos inherent in childhood, these childproofing tips will certainly eliminate some unnecessary injuries or trips to the doctor. With just a few quick installations, or the building of beautiful but functional fencing, or some relocation and reorganization of utensils, cleaners, and medications, you can rest easy and know your child is safe with the help of some inexpensive products and the helpful hands of Home Remedy.

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