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Green Shower Remodel Tips and Tricks

Many clients have been asking for green shower renovations and the use of sustainable materials when making over their bathroom.  Whether it’s cracked tiles, disintegrating grout, no storage, or just old-fashioned colors and fixtures, a shower remodel may be the perfect upgrade to your home to keep it energy efficient. If you need a shower to tub conversion, any aging-in-place renovations for mature household members, or you want to finally have that spa-like retreat in your own home, Home Remedy can help you brainstorm, plan and decide on the best functionality and looks for your shower or tub that stay within green limitations.


Sometimes, all a shower needs are some refreshed drywall, tiles, and new grout to have a whole new look and keep energy in.  Years can take their toll on shower grout, tiles and doors, and Home Remedy is here to help! People love the idea of a “fixer-upper” style home, but one specific area that can be hard to renovate is the bathroom, with potentially complex plumbing and specific details that ensure that your fixtures and facades will last through humidity without destructive mold or mildew permeating in weakened areas.  Sometimes drywall needs to be replaced after former homeowners’ departure and our clients could use an extra hand to make sure it’s done right.  The results can be phenomenal and save our clients money in the long term, but having an expert contractor in shower remodeling and bathroom renovation is key. With these tips and tricks, you can ensure that your shower is environmentally friendly.

Green Shower Remodel Tips and Tricks
Modern Meets Functional:
Once proper repairs are made, that is when you can get creative with your shower remodel. One-of-a-kind tile in unique patterns can really take a shower to the next level while harnessing energy. Inventive arrangements of experimental colors, textures, and shapes can create a classic and timeless look, or move to a cutting-edge, modern vibe.  Light and slick large tile can give an airy, clean feeling while warm and textured smaller tiles can lend a cozy approach. It all depends on the mood you want to set. Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve and how eco-friendly you want to stay, your shower head and knobs can feel quaint and rustic with burnished copper or contemporary, simple silver fixtures can transport your mind to a day spa. Storage can be another area to show your style in your shower remodel as well. Built-in shelving or seating can save room for smaller areas, while reclaimed wooden, water-sealed or teak benches and shelving can be perfect for your toiletries if space allows.  There is also paint that is verified with the Green Seal as environmentally friendly to use in these areas as well.

Keeping It Green:

There are many options in reclaimed and treated wood for flooring, tile and cabinetry.  Water-saving and energy-efficient fixtures are available at various price points.  More efficient water heaters are also widely used nowadays to keep costs and energy usage down. Tankless water heaters are also a great idea, as they only make hot water as it is needed. Believe it or not, most ceramic tiles are considered environmentally friendly as they take little to make. Additionally, LED lighting for above your shower can be most costly at the onset but save you hundreds a year in electricity costs.


After a shower remodel or bathroom renovation is done, a lot of refuse from the job is sent to the landfill.  However, there are a lot of great options to donate your fixtures, cabinetry, doors, toilets, sinks and more to an organization like Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore if they are still in useable shape.  Leftover tile can be used to finish up a job, or out-of-date items can be used in homes and recycled in that way as well.

Using these tips, your shower remodel can be stylish and beautiful, green and sustainable, and you can feel good using your new bathroom that is environmentally friendly and sound. Give Home Remedy a call today to find out the best way to move forward!