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Exterior Home Maintenance | Home Remedy Houston

Home Remedy wants to help you take care of your home! Which is exactly why we have begun to shoot videos for Home Projects and Home maintenance. Check out one of our Project Managers, Revis, as he walks you through some basic Exterior Home Maintenance.

Here are a few tips to remember!

1.Fascia vs Soffit

The soffit is the underside of an architectural structure, in this example, the overhanging eaves of your roof. In most Houston area homes, it is easiest to see the soffit from directly underneath, and this area should be checked at least once a year to make sure there is no water damage or holes from critters.

The facia of your home is the flat board, usually made from wood, mounted where your roof meets the exterior walls of your home. If your home has gutters, it is usually held by the fascia, therefore, this also needs to be checked for damage regularly, especially after storms, as the water from the gutters can sometimes be spill over to the fascia, which can cause rotting.

2.Foliage on your home

If you have climbing vines or trees near your home, make sure you are constantly maintaining them. These plants can begin to grow into areas of your home, which can be difficult to notice at first, but can cause a great deal of damage over time.

3.Paint cracks in your home

If you have paintwork done on the wood working of your home, you will want to check a minimum of yearly for cracks in the paint. If left unattended, cracks in your paint can allow water to get directly into your wooden boards, causing rot. If you notice cracks in your paint you will want to look into getting your home repainted, as it will be much cheaper to repaint your home, than it will be to reside your home.

We hope you enjoyed our Exterior Home Maintenance tips video. For more, please check out our Youtube Channel, and for any special requests for future videos, please send them to info@homeremedyhouston.com.

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