Patio Covers

Creative Patio Solutions for Summer

With temperatures increasing and sunnier Houston days ahead, many folks are looking for creative patio solutions to keep out the increasingly more potent and glaring rays and provide a comfortable location for summertime entertaining. When friends and family come over and the weather is nice, it is wonderful to have that outdoor area to sit and relax, cook and have some laughs.  So what does our team at Home Remedy suggest to creatively, but also functionally, provide that kind of area for your home?


Probably the least expensive and easy-to-install option for many patios are some curtains.  Easily pulled up or back, strung across a dowel, a metal rod or even just secured at the top by hooks, all-weather fabric curtains can add a pop of color and of course, much-needed shade for your outdoor seating area.  If you want something a bit more substantial, there are a lot of options in the way of mesh and bamboo shades as well.  These can roll down and roll back up given the wind or sun. They can be a bit more expensive, but more durable over time.  curtains or shades can also be the perfect option for people who are renting their home instead of owning.  Having an option that is easily installed, inexpensive and easy to remove when you move out can still afford you a comfortable, natural space, but not cost an arm and a leg.

Ceiling fans on the roof can be a creative patio addition and provide comfort.

Ceiling fans on the roof can be a creative patio addition and provide comfort.

Pergola/Overhead Coverings.

If your home already has an area paved off for outdoor entertaining, it may still need a roof or some level of coverage for your guests. There are a lot of options when it comes to covering this large space.  An awning may work, a pergola can integrate some style and function, or building on a whole, complete roof can offer protection from all weather. If you want something retractable, try an awning. These are great to add some pattern or color as well. If you like the idea of a pergola, but there isn’t quite enough coverage from the elements, add some of the curtains or shades mentioned above.  And if all else fails and the budget is there, create your own oasis with a finished roof as an extension of your home.  Beyond being a creative patio solution, this can be an incredibly valuable upgrade, as many homebuyers rank an outdoor entertainment area highly when shopping for a new home.

Fan Installation.

If you go the roof route, or you opt for a more permanent structure, a definite upgrade would be the installation of some ceiling fans. There is nothing better than a nice Summer breath of fresh air as the sun sets.  And there is no easier way to elicit the feeling of a vacation patio bar on an island with frosty, cold drinks than with a gentle breeze.  If you REALLY want to relax, fans are the way to go.  Another option would be to invest in misting fans.  If you really want to up the ante, especially in Houston where it can BE 110 degrees in the shade, a misting fan can be a really nice touch on those oppressively hot days.  Imagine mowing your lawn in the mid-day sun and finishing up with a cold beer on your shaded patio with a cool misting fan.  You see what we’re talking about.  Creative patio solutions are just a call away!

Don’t wait for the dog days of Summer to barrel in like a big sweaty gorilla that wants to give you a hug.  Give Home Remedy a call this week and get to planning your outdoor oasis for the sweltering Summer of 2018.