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Beware of Storm Chaser’s, Pick a Contractor You Can Trust.

 Beware of Storm Chaser’s, Pick a Contractor You Can Trust.

Weather damage instance’s like the one’s recently in Houston can bring about shady contractors, looking to make a quick buck. They usually have little to no experience, no insurance or bonding, and don’t background check their workers. One more thing, they usually don’t plan to be here next week.

Which is why we recommend choosing a local expert. At Home Remedy, we are dedicated to service and customer satisfaction. We will not leave you behind, with over 17 years of experience in Home Remodeling and Residential Roofing Repair in the Houston area, we don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.


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With the recent Weather Damages, don’t be surprised if you hear more new stories breaking on these “fly-by-night” repair crews. Too often we hear these stories of contractors guaranteeing work, a warranty and quality job. Only to find out they aren’t showing up the following day or they are leaving jobs incomplete. Keep in mind, a warranty is only good if the contractor is still around.

A home is an important investment that owners are willing to spend money to repair, renovate, and upkeep. Keeping up with these basic items play a large part in being a smart home-owner. These scammers want to take advantage of the fact that you are willing to spend extra money on your home. Which is why you should take the time to familiarize yourself with common Home Improvement terms, and make sure you are protected.

  • Here are a few items to be weary of
  • Professionals who don’t have a license and/or insurance
  • Doesn’t write contracts
  • Promises of Big projects getting done quickly
  • High-Pressure Tactics
  • Cannot provide customer references
  • Vastly underbids all other contractors
  • Tells you to obtain building or remodeling permits yourself

If you’re looking for someone who you can trust, who really does warranty their work, and really will be there when problems arise, then look no further than Home Remedy. Check out ratings on Angie’s List, Google, Facebook, and you can be confident you are getting someone who is going to be here for you.

Also, check out these tips on finding a good contractor from the Texas Attorney General and Angie’s List. Home Remedy proudly provides you with these items and tips because we know we meet the Criteria.