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Beautiful and Edible Gardens for Summer

With the temperatures rising, its time to make your yard a beautiful and edible garden for Summer! Home Remedy can help you structure your patio or deck and yard for the most bang for your buck, to create a gorgeous sanctuary for entertaining while offering color, vegetables, herbs and more to enjoy all season long! What are the steps to create a feast for the eyes AND the stomach?

Plan your layout.

Whether is a formal, symmetrical design or a wild and rambling free-form organization, its good to have a plan when laying out your garden.  As different plants reach their mature state and need different requirements in the way of water, sun, soil and nutrients, it is best to strategize what is going where to see the best results.

Plan your beautiful and edible garden for Summer!
Plan your beautiful and edible garden for Summer!

Plant top to bottom.

Different plants grow at different rates, and some spread far and wide while others can grow up a trellis or fence.  Be mindful of this as you pick your vegetables and herbs for your garden.  Plant the taller and trellis-growing items across the back or fence such as sunflowers or tomatoes and shorter items such as strawberries, squash or thyme across the front so the fruits of your labor are easy to reach, water and harvest.

Maximize productivity.

If you fill in every area of your garden with delicious and colorful options, this makes it much harder for weeds to grow. Plus it looks beautiful and lush. Keeping in mind heights and harvesting seasons can help you maximize your space as well.

Get more creative than the supermarket.

Most local grocery chains have the bare essentials in lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables.  Developing your own garden, however, can really stretch your creativity in the way of different vegetables and recipes for you and your family. Plus, you know exactly where your product is coming from and what fertilizers you have used. Stay organic with your soil and feed your family safely and with creative, healthy options. Never tried swiss chard? Want some variety and color in your salad greens?  Want to try some heirloom tomatoes? Here’s your chance!

Mix in flowers.

Not only can flowers add color and depth to your garden, you can add a variety of edible flowers to really impress guests in your kitchen! Choose bee and butterfly-attracting varieties and these can pollinate your pepper and squash flowers as well.

Use pots. 

A great option to add height, pots can be distributed around the garden as well. Colorful pots can add a splash of flair and are perfect if you don’t have much of a yard or any yard at all.  Pots are also a great option in the shape of window boxes to conveniently grow herbs.

Plan a seating area to entertain.

You have this beautiful area you’ve taken so much time on – now its time to enjoy it!  Save a little space for some weather-ready furniture, a paved or decked section for this furniture to rest on, and some options for shade.

What will be your focal point?

If you have a large area with lots of plants, it’s important to consider a focal point so your garden has a flow.  A nice water feature, an arbor covered in vines or flowers or a beautiful gate can add interest and function to your outdoor oasis.

What ideas do YOU have for your edible and beautiful garden to entertain in this Summer?  Let us know!  Home Remedy is ready to brainstorm with you!