Tile Rug

Bathroom Renovations For Summer’s Visitors

Is it time for bathroom renovations for summer’s visitors? School is almost out, kids are coming home from college and everyone is traveling to visit family.  When the whole crew crashes at your place, there is nothing worth than an old, shoddy, malfunctioning bathroom when you have to accommodate so many. Your bathrooms facilities need to work well, look good and add efficiency to your home’s energy use.  How can Home Remedy help?

Easy window treatments.

An easy and quick way to add flair, color, and privacy in your bathroom is with thoughtful window treatments.  Bypass the standard, tired blinds and get creative with curtains and interesting rods, shutters or even translucent window shading options.  Options can range on a spectrum from rustic linens and wood accents to vibrant colored shades or jeweled curtain ties.  Get really creative and find eco-friendly materials or treatments for your windows that can save on electricity costs as well.

A quality paint job.

Sometimes the small space of a bathroom just needs a fresh coat of paint to return its soul and personality.  Bright colors can really change the vibe of what often are small spaces, or create a calm and peaceful retreat when there is a bit more space.  Environmentally friendly paints and other textures for your walls are an option as well.  If you have a lot of fixtures in the way of lighting, mirrors, towel racks, and more, calling a professional may be a good idea to ensure the job is done thoroughly. 

How cool is this tile rug for bathroom renovations this summer?
Tile accents. 

Where old-fashioned wallpaper once reigned supreme, tile backsplashes and creative accents are all the rage. Consider peaceful grays and blues for your bathroom renovations, or create a colorful oasis with flashy tile to rejuvenate you each morning.  Another cool trend popping up in a lot of homes is a tile accent rug; where the floor is all one regular tile, but a patch is laid in that is more ornate and designed in front of the tub, shower or vanity.

Entertainment or a fireplace.

If you love a good, long bubble bath or intend for this bathroom to have a water closet and some privacy so that more than one person can use it at once, adding an entertainment station or even a gas fireplace can be a wonderful addition to your bathroom renovation plans.  Add a small flat screen television where you can watch the news in the morning, or catch up on the DVR each night with your glass of wine in the tub. Create some romance with jacuzzi jets, candles and your significant other, basking in the glow of your new hearth.  Or the BEST case, when the big game is on, you can run to the facilities without missing a play, a shot or a score. See? We’re thinking outside the box!

A huge problem with visitors is not having enough storage in your bathroom for extra linens, toiletries or visitors’ belongings.  This is an issue in all rooms of the house but especially in small, cramped bathrooms. Consider more storage under your sinks, hooks, and racks on the back of doors, and a good clutter clean-out of your linen closets to offer more space. Baskets are a wonderfully decorative way to display towels and toiletries and there are a lot of options in the way of suctioning shelves and hooks to maximize space if your shower is of the stall shape and style. Whatever you can build into the walls can be optimal as well, getting things off the floor and within arm’s reach.

Storage Solutions.

We hope that this blog has given you a few ideas to jumpstart your bathroom renovations and remodeling plans before the whole family is in town this summer.  Make them feel even more at home with these functional, creative and beautiful edits to your boring old bathroom with the help of our team at Home Remedy.