Backyard Upgrades to Add Value

Backyard Upgrades to Add Value

When you start considering various ways to renovate your home, your backyard often stays in the back of your mind. But backyard renovations can significantly increase the value of your home and create another space for entertaining friends and family.

No matter the size of your budget or how large your backyard is, you can make upgrades that will make stepping out of your house feel like stepping into paradise. Whether you’re searching for your next DIY project or interested in help from a contractor, we’re here for you. Let’s look at seven ways you can take your backyard space to the next level.

Decks and Patios

Many people think about sipping sweet tea on the front porch but imagine relaxing in your backyard oasis on the back patio or deck. Plus, a deck minimizes the amount of lawn maintenance you have to do while increasing the curb appeal of your home.

A raised deck offers more elegance than flat concrete and generally feels better on bare feet. A new deck can be small enough for a few lounge chairs for sunbathing, or you can install a patio large enough for an outdoor couch or dining area. Your patio can act as an extension of your home, expanding your living area and serve as another area for people to hang out or al fresco dining.


If you already have a backyard deck or patio you love, but the Houston heat makes you shy away from using it in the summertime, then installing a pergola may be the solution you need.

An appropriately crafted pergola can cast enough shade to make your outdoor space an incredible place to hang out, even in the hottest months. Additionally, pergolas can be tailored to match any design or backyard aesthetic, and the possibilities are endless. Designers can create pergolas out of various materials so you can add value to your home without breaking the bank.


Outdoor Kitchens

Having an outdoor space for entertaining guests can make your home feel like a five-star resort in the summertime. Whether you want a barbeque/smoker combo for cookouts, a brick oven for homemade pizzas, or a full bar with a few beers on tap, an outdoor kitchen can elevate the value of your home.

And even when summer is over, you can use an outdoor kitchen for gatherings year-round with the installation of a few heat lamps. Because of its versatility, an appeal to a variety of ages and lifestyles, an outdoor kitchen provides a better long-term investment than a pool.

Lighting Fixtures

Bring your backyard to life in the evenings by upgrading or installing new lighting fixtures. You can line your garden with solar-powered hanging tea lights, mount modern sconces with Edison bulbs, or create a web of string lights. No matter what you choose, you’ll be able to elevate your current design to create a lovely atmosphere year-round.

The best part is that installing new lighting fixtures can often be executed by yourself or with minimal help. If you’re able to set everything up on your own, new lights can be one of the most cost-effective ways to add value and new life to your home. 

If you don’t want the work of maintaining a tree, you can always look into awnings that reflect light away from your windows. 

Fire Pits

Bring the campfire to you! Gas-powered fire pits offer one of the best returns on investment for any backyard home improvement project. A built-in fire pit makes it safe to make s’mores in the comfort of your backyard while allowing you to entertain guests in the wintertime or after the sun goes down.

If you don’t have enough space for a permanent fixture, you can always invest in a fire pit you can store when you aren’t using it. The diversity of style and size has become quite extensive in fire pits over the last few years, so finding the right one to fit your budget, space and style should be a breeze. 


You can improve the value of your home by re-landscaping your backyard. Flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, trees, and new lawns can make your backyard feel lush instantly. If you’ve been staring at a lump of dirt in your backyard, this is your chance to spruce things up.

If you don’t have the greenest thumb, you can ask your local greenhouse or nursery about plants or trees that require the least amount of maintenance. Be sure to research what types of plants and vegetation will grow in your area, how much sunlight various species need, and if everything is pet-friendly.


Your fence is the frame of your backyard, and old worn-down fences can be a massive eyesore. Upgrading your fence can increase the value of your home like a gorgeous frame highlights the elements of a masterpiece.

Fencing provides multiple design options beyond the picket fence. And fences can be made of various materials that can help you drastically improve the appearance of your home on a low budget. Whether you opt for a solid wood fence, a composite fence, a metal fence, or something totally original, you can’t go wrong.

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