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Avoidable Mistakes to Be Aware of While Repairing Your Home

When remodeling your home, there are several avoidable mistakes to be aware of while repairing your home. Being aware of what to avoid is very important. A couple of Home Remedy’s trusted handymen, Mikey and Revis, explore some common, yet completely avoidable mistakes that amateurs may face while trying to give some repairs to their home. Mikey and Revis are here to test out some common mistakes and give a few pointers to the folks at home so that everyone stays out of harm and gets the job done effectively!


Pressure Testing The Gas-line. 

Pressure testing the gas-line is extremely vital to your overall safety as well as the condition of your home. Not testing a gas line prior to repair can cause serious injury and possible inflammation and serious fire damage to your home. Remember to always have a professional test your line and handle the repair if necessary.

Turn off the breaker box when working with electrical devices and equipment.

It is almost guaranteed that you will harm yourself if the breaker is still on and was not checked properly before any type of repair. Shocking yourself can lead to serious injury and you should always take the necessary precautions when working with any type of electrical work in your home.

NEVER Step on the Top Step of A Ladder.

A few other useful tips covered by Mikey and Revis are that you should NEVER under any circumstances stand on the top step of a ladder (even if you’ll “only be there for a second”) because the likelihood of you falling off and hurting yourself is extremely high. Also, it is useful to check that your water pressure is turned off before trying to repair any type of valve in your home. Although you may not cause necessarily harm to yourself, you may get an uncomfortable amount of water to the eye or cause serious damage to your home with flooding if the water pressure becomes intense.

Overpaying on Renovations.

Similar to underestimating cost repairs after your initial purchase, overpaying for upgrades is a common problem for many new landlords. While it is important to make your property appealing to tenants and it is essential you make necessary repairs so the home is habitable, it is not wise to over-renovate. Many new landlords want to create a dream home out of their rental properties. The issue is, not only does that cost a lot of money, but the longer it takes you to renovate what is an already acceptable property (at least it should be if it was a wise investment), the longer it takes you to rent that property out. Don’t forget, sitting on a property is not making you any money.


Be sure to look out for more useful home repair tips from our experts over at Home Remedy! We are here to help with your little fix-it and are always available for more serious home repairs. Give us a shout or check us out online at Hope to see you soon!