Smart Homes – New Technology To Upgrade Your Home

With all of the new technology being debuted for “Smart Homes” there are a lot of interesting, complicated and thoughtful additions you can make to your home to make it cozier, safer and just all around cooler.¬† The future is now when you call Home Remedy to wire your home as needed for these new gadgets.¬† Check out the list below for some of our favorite smart home devices.

Smart Home Energy.

Saving energy and being more eco-friendly can and should always be a priority in your home.¬† Instead of depending on your husband to switch off the lights before he whisks off to work, or forgetting to turn down the air or heat when you’re out of town, there are wonderful options to bring your house into 2018 and not have to worry about remembering so many chores each morning or before a long vacation. Home Remedy can even install, test and maintain some of these for you. Something like CURB Home Energy can be installed to monitor all of your energy usage¬†from heating and cooling to appliances and beyond, saving money on your electricity bill. Installing a thermostat like the Ecobee 3 can help you cool or heat the room you are in, rather than a centralized unit that regulates the whole house.

Smart Home Entertainment.

The days of getting up to change the channel on the TV went out of style with crimped hair and acid wash jeans. In 2018, you can have richer sounds from your favorite musicians in each room of your house, even in outside seating areas, dim the lights for some slow dancing, or maximize the surround sound of your favorite action movie.¬† Mount that big screen television above your fireplace and hide all the cords with Home Remedy’s help. Maximize your stereo system with additional wireless or Bluetooth speakers such as these from Sonos. Train your lights to mimic the sunrise or sunset

Smart Home Security.

A 30-06 under your side of the bed may still be one of the “security systems” of choice for some households, but with a click or swipe of an app, your home now can be checked and secured with the proper authorities notified when there is an intruder in 2018. This route,¬†obviously, can be much safer for those involved. Of course, carry whatever level of personal protection you feel comfortable with, but give these technological gadgets a go for the rest of your home that Home Remedy can help install. With one-touch emergency panels offered by Vivint here or the camera doorbells and unique app of Nest, you can rest easy and keep your family safe.

Smart Home Switches.

Did you leave the hair straightener on?¬† Is the coffee pot scalding itself into oblivion? Did you put the garage door down?¬† These are all stressors you don’t have to worry about anymore with the advancements available in 2018. If you want to ensure that certain appliances are shut off, certain doors are secured and locked, and all is well and good at the homestead while you’re simply at work…or across the globe, there is an app for that too (or at least a few apps that can work together to give you peace of mind). WeMo switches can help you control your appliances and more from anywhere. With the app on your phone, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa or other device, you can make sure your space heater is off or lights are on when you return home from work or a trip. That combined with your security system or other applications mentioned above, you’re good to go.

With a few installations and wiring, some switches, and the downloading of a few apps, your home can be catapulted into the future with no problems; keeping it comfortable, secure, and cooler than ever.  If you want to know more about the technological advancements Home Remedy can install in your home, give us a call!