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Small Remodeling Projects That Make A Huge Difference

When people think of home makeovers, many immediately think about large renovations and massive budgets. But you don’t have to be an interior designer or an architect to know that you don’t need an enormous overhaul to create big differences. A slight change of color, an ordinary upgrade, and even a rearrangement of furniture and appliances can extend big revelations. And now that many of us spend more time at home now, it’s only right for us to invest in beautifying our space and making it more liveable. After all, a desirable space is a home that translates to convenience and productivity.

Precisely why for this write-up, we’re talking about the many, small steps you can take to remodel your home. 

Let’s start!

Paint whatever you can

Okay, when we say paint whatever you can, we don’t actually mean every single thing you can put your hands on. But what people often forget is that paint is one of the most affordable home makeover materials anyone can get. While many professionals encourage you to pay for experts to do the job, painting is pretty easy and you can do it yourself!

Whether you’re painting a beat-up drawer or a boring wall, you can very much do it on your own when you have the right tools. If you live in a space that isn’t reflective of your present energy and the vibe you want to be achieved, don’t be afraid to give it a try! You don’t have to paint the entire house. Start with one corner. It can be one side of your room. The back part of the kitchen or it can even be a shelf. Home makeovers aren’t always about tearing down walls and building new staircases. Sometimes, they can simply be a fresh new coat of paint. 

Once you’ve discovered what you want to update with color, look up Youtube videos for painting techniques and designs. If you’re going to improve your home by painting, you might at as well do it properly and have fun along the way.

Add wallpaper

If you feel like a mere switch of shades isn’t going to do anything for your walls, try looking up wallpapers. There really is no shortage of designs, considering how more and more are made almost every month. There are plenty of wallpaper types, too! You can either get them in blocks where you stick them as patterns or you can get the ones that come in rolls. Choose whatever represents your style and whatever fits your budget. You can either get an expert to stick them on your walls or you can check out tutorial videos online, and do the whole thing yourself. 

Whatever you go for, you’re sure to drastically change an entire look altogether—even if all you’re adding are wallpapers. 

Improve your front door

We don’t want to go all deep and metaphoric with this one, but improving the doors we use to enter our homes can definitely light up the entire place. Whether you replace it with a brand new door or just paint it, it’s up to you.  

Remember that front doors are where guests are welcomed. That being the case, your door is one of the most prominent features of your space. While you can go all out with insanely eye-catching doors, you can also up your style by going for classic, more traditional-looking ones. Because homes differ by theme and size, check out various designs and select one that isn’t just aesthetic, but sturdy and long-lasting, as well. 

Beautify your windows 

If you’re tired of how your window looks, you can either buy new curtains or use other view blockers altogether. Window blinds are often safe ways to go about keeping your privacy, while not compromising your interior style. For a more dramatic effect, add a huge plant by your improved windows when possible. Remember that curtains or blinds should never share the same shade as your walls. They can be darker or much lighter, but having them in the exact same color or incredibly similar shades will only make your space look cramped or redundant. 

If your walls are dark blue, try getting sky blue curtains, if not white. If your walls are white, try getting pastel-colored blinds or windows. Good contrasts always make spaces look more appealing and add more depth; certainly something you’d want when you’re determined to change a slice of your home’s interior. 

Refurbish your pantry cabinets 

If you’re more of a kitchen person, you can testify how improving your pantry cabinets will turn your cooking haven into an entirely different place. Or at least make it seem like it. Because kitchen cabinets usually cost a whole lot of money, you can either paint them or go through the woodwork yourself, if you’re willing. Fortunately, there are also affordable home remodeling companies that extend decent financing deals and arrangements if you have a few bucks to spare. 

How drastic you want it to be and how imaginative, inventive, and future-forward you want your kitchen to be is your choice. If you’re going to spend a good dollar on redoing your kitchen, you may as well make it work. Still, there are tons of ways you can go about this, and getting rid of old cabinets isn’t the only option. 

Use a good backsplash 

Another good and easy design trick you can use for your kitchen is putting a backsplash. A quick trip to your favorite online store will show you that you have hundreds of cheap options to choose from. From actual tiles to reliable sticker wallpapers, the choice is yours! But first, measure your sink area and how large and wide you want your backsplash to cover.

Improve your laundry room

Let’s be honest: not too many of us like hanging out in the laundry room. Because that particular space is heavily associated with a chore, you may want to use that room for something else, too. If your laundry room space allows it, why not work out there, as well? Investing in good speakers you can put in there will surely change the way you feel about doing laundry. If you have a spare television set you don’t really use anywhere in the house—be they old, outdated, or a wedding gift of some sort—consider putting a television in there. 

brown wooden boards

One of the reasons we don’t feel as comfortable hanging out in certain rooms in our house is because of the energy they give us. Staying in a corner that’s obviously designed to get housework done can be draining to some extent. If you want, try adding plants. Greens rarely disappoint, and there are many kinds of plants that survive in different types of spaces, too. If this idea doesn’t fly for you, consider putting posters on the wall or framed pictures. Essentially anything to give your laundry area a different feel. 

The truth is, there are a hundred different ways to elevate your interior design game, and they don’t all have to be expensive, too! Whether you’re going for DIY activities or simple remodeling projects you need professional help with, give us a call, anyway, and we’ll gladly help you!