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Siding & Wood Replacement

Houston Siding and Wood Replacement

Houston Siding and Wood Replacement

With years of experience in exterior wood replacement we know that there are efficient ways of replacing and repairing siding, fascia boards, soffit, columns, shutters and other trim prior to painting or coating. Not every house needs complete siding and trim replacement.

james-hardie-preferred-contractor-alliance-sealHardie siding appeals to the pride people have in their homes, while showing the impact their choice of siding has on that home. Hardie siding provides low maintenance, but unlike vinyl doesn’t sacrifice the beauty and character of wood. Hardie fiber cement siding will not rot or crack, and it resists damage from rain, hail, and flying debris. Best of all Hardie siding is fire resistant with a limited transferable warranty for up to 50 years. No wonder it’s protecting over 3 million homes in North America alone.

Home Remedy installers are equipped with all the specialty tools and equipment necessary to make your installation a success. We are a qualified installer of Hardie plank siding including warranty repairs. We also use the highest quality fasteners, vapor barriers, and sealants to provide you top notch home remodeling in Houston.

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Wood Siding Repair Houston 


Siding Repair


If your home has wood siding, it won’t last forever. Eventually, you’ll have to replace it. Over the years, water damage, grime, and natural wear-and-tear will eat away at your siding and decrease the value of your home. 


At Home Remedy, our team of siding specialists has years of experience assisting our Houston clients with siding repair and replacement. We also provide full-service installation of new siding, for residential and commercial clients alike. 


Types of Wood Siding Damage


If you’ve never had issues with your siding in the past, you might not be aware of potential problems before they arise. There are three primary types of wood-siding damage. Let’s explore them in more detail:


Moisture (Rot)


The main reason that wood siding falls in disrepair that requires replacement is its exposure to moisture. Over time, your wood siding can begin to rot or decay. If the rot continues to progress, it can cause structural damage to your home. While rotting siding looks bad, it can also create more significant problems if it’s left unchecked. 


Impact Damage


In addition to rot, wood siding can also get damaged by impact. Whether it be a hailstorm or a baseball from your children or neighbor kids, it can damage the appearance and integrity of your wood siding. Even power washing can sometimes cause impact damage by chipping away at your siding. 


Dirt and Grime


Dirt and grime represent the least-invasive form of wood-siding damage, but it can still have an impact on the value and curb appeal of your property. Over time, dirt, grime, and soot will build on your wood siding and fade its natural color. If you want your property to maintain its original appearance, dirt and grime can get in the way. 


Wood Siding Repair & Replacement


If it’s time to replace or repair your wood siding, using a team that understands local qualities and requirements is the best way to proceed. Home Remedy provides a full range of repair and replacement services to our clients in Houston. Before we begin any project, a specialist will come to your home, assess potential issues, and advise you about the best method for proceeding. 


If you have minor damage – which might be the result of the impact from a ball, mower, or pressure washer – we often can repair the affected area. We’ll help you match your current siding, so you don’t have to pay the full cost of replacement. 

On the other hand, if your siding is rotting, or it’s already showing widespread wear-and-tear, it’s often best to replace it altogether. Our Home Remedy team can help you find similar siding – or create a new look – and begin the process of revitalizing your home with a clean look. 


Not only do we offer replacement services, but we also take away all of your old siding materials. As a full-service provider, we take care of the entire process, from start to finish. 


So, why should you choose Home Remedy for your next siding repair or replacement job?


  • We have years of experience fixing complex wood siding issues.
  • We offer free consultations and quotes.
  • Our team has a longstanding reputation in the Houston home-improvements industry. 
  • We offer competitive quotes.
  • We have access to all types of siding and bonding materials. 
  • We will meet strict deadlines. 


Siding Installation


Whether you’re building a new home, or you want to upgrade your current siding, it’s critical to use an experienced team for your siding-installation project. While it might appear simple to install new siding on a home, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s essential to use the right materials, create strong bonds, and prevent installation issues that will cause you problems own the road. 


If you choose to hire a less-experienced team, you can expose yourself to costly errors. Improper siding installation can leave pockets for moisture build-up that results in rot or other damage. You might not notice shoddy workmanship out of the gate because it might take a few years to realize the difference that a quality siding installation job makes. 


If your siding no longer suits your tastes, we can help you access premium wood siding materials that cater to a variety of design preferences. Our initial consultation will assess your needs and evaluate your home’s external structure. As a full-service installation team, we’re happy to work with your builders or provide services on a standalone basis. 


Our team of highly trained siding experts has considerable experience installing siding on a broad range of property types, too. We can get the job done right, no matter how big or small your current home or commercial property is. 


Free Siding Consultation & Quote


Houston’s climate can cause a wide variety of problems for properties with wood siding. With regular flooding, humid weather, and lots of storms, your wood siding gets exposed to moisture that can trigger the rotting process quickly. If you want to protect the integrity of your home, investing in updated wood siding can reduce the potential impact of Mother Nature. 


Don’t waste your time and money with siding repair companies that charge you for quotes, either. As Houston’s best siding-repair firm, we’re happy to provide free quotes to all prospective clients. Our team is always available to speak with you about upcoming projects or improve the health and appeal of your siding. 


If your siding is showing its age, seeking the opinion our Home Remedy experts can help you determine if you need wood siding repair or replacement. We work with clients throughout most of West Houston. You can find our service area in the Service Areas section of our site.  


The Home Remedy team is fully insured and licensed to carry perform all forms of siding repair and replacement. We protect our clients against liability every step of the way.


If you give our team a call today, we can begin by providing you with a free siding consultation and quote. We’ll walk you through your options and help you understand the process of repairing or upgrading your home’s current siding. We’re here to create smiles and improve curb appeal every day!

To begin your home improvement project, call Home Remedy, LLC at 713-939-7717 today.