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Painting Services

Houston Painting Services

Houston Painting Services

At Home Remedy we pride ourselves in the quality of our work. We take the knowledge and experience of our employees and apply it to the real world. Our crews are experienced in the preparation and application of paint to various building surfaces. Introductory knowledge and experience has led to a clean and reliable process for protecting and beautifying your home.

  • We protect all work areas to avoid damage to furniture, plants, concrete etc.
  • Inspect the work area and repair any damaged areas like rotted or cracked wood, or stucco
  • Pressure wash the areas to be coated to remove surface debris such as dirt, mold, mildew, or oxidation
  • Scrape, sand, and or feather sand as needed to prepare all of the surfaces for coating
  • Caulk and seal windows, door casings and other areas as needed
  • Apply paint to designated areas
  • Remove all work related debris and materials

We prefer Sherwin Williams for exterior painting, but other brands can be used upon customer request. When we bid our paint jobs this is what we base our bids on. Painting your home is one great technique for Houston home remodeling.

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To begin your home improvement project, call Home Remedy, LLC at 713-939-7717 today.