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Houston Home Remodeling and Repair

Houston Home Remodeling and Repair

Houston Home Repair And Remodeling Services

Home Remedy is your source for home remodeling in Houston.  After 30 years in the business of beautifying homes, Home Remedy has always advised homeowners that your house is most likely your greatest investment. As you already know, you should always protect your investment by maintaining and protecting your home. At Home Remedy, our professional craftsmen can help you maintain and add value to your home with top-quality home remodeling and repair services throughout the greater Houston area. We take great pride in providing the highest quality of home improvement and repair services. Whether it’s a small job or a big job, you can count on Home Remedy for professional-quality home remodeling in Houston at the best price possible.

Kitchen Remodeling and Repair
New Cabinets
The biggest change you can make while doing home remodeling in Houston is to start on your kitchen and to replace the current cabinets with new ones. Whether you decide to replace the existing cabinets or repair them, you can get an entire new look and feel for your kitchen with this simple replacement.
We can provide you with custom countertops for your kitchen. Upgrading to a more durable granite or marble will bring a beautiful elegance into the kitchen space. Butcherblock or stainless steel counters are great for a rustic design too. The countertops you choose should be functional yet stunning, so they’ll feel like you’re in an entirely new home once remodeled.
Fixtures and Appliances
In a kitchen remodel, fixtures and appliances can make the largest difference. In some cases, you might like your existing cabinets and countertops, but you need a whole new layout including new fixtures. Updating your kitchen is completely dependent on what you want in the space.

When it comes to Houston home remodeling, starting with your kitchen is a great idea, since many homes in Houston come with large kitchens that can be modified.

Bathroom Remodeling
We can help you decide what type of bathtub you’d like in your new bathroom space. There are a huge selection of bathtubs from Jacuzzi tubs to spa tubs and deep soaker tubs. The perfect tub for your bathroom will fit based on the size as well as the function you need.
Bathroom Fixtures
The right fixtures in the bathroom can turn a drab bathroom into a stunning spa-like retreat. You can choose from modern, classic and everything in between. The fixtures include the sink as well as the shower. In the shower, the choices include rain shower heads as well as hand-held showers.
Shower Doors
If you’re tired of shower curtains, you can easily replace that with a beautiful shower door. The choice will depend on the shower you’re envisioning, but we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your space.

When doing home remodeling in Houston your bathroom will be one of the first areas you can start on along with your kitchen and living room. Houston home remodeling is not complete without doing your bathroom.

Window Installation
Window upgrades are able to add value as well as save you money in the long run. Insulated windows can help prevent noise pollution and reduce dust levels in the home. They also help lower your energy costs. We can provide you with double hung, single hung or sliding windows for your home.

Patio Cover Installation
In an area of the country where it’s beautiful throughout the year, you’re spending much of your time outdoors. In Houston, the sun can beat on the top of your head relentlessly while you’re trying to enjoy your time outside with friends and family. We can provide patio and shade structures to give you a shady area to enjoy your backyard. The materials are weather- and sun-resistant.

Home Roofing
The roof is one of the most important parts of the home. When you have a leaky or broken roof, it can allow water as well as critters inside to create problems. Water can lead to mold while critters can nest in the roof, ceiling or rafters making a mess too. We can repair or replace your roof with our dedicated and experienced technicians.

Home Remodeling By Home Remedy Houston

Our experienced handymen can repair or replace any problem you need done in your home. The tasks can include major repairs or specialized work that you can’t or don’t want to perform yourself.

We do our part to take care of the environment, providing renovations and remodeling of existing buildings to include sustainable design attributes including the use of reclaimed wood and other elements into home remodels and design.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with your Houston home remodeling or repair project. We’ll be more than happy to speak with you about your needs.

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