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Home Renovation Apps For Your Dream Remodel

Ever wonder what quality apps were out there for renovations? If you want to plan, keep track of and design the remodeling project of your dreams, check these out!  Most of these home renovation apps can be found on both Apple and Android for ease of use.  Have fun creating!

HIP: Home Improvement Planner: If you’re the organized type, but not so much the do-it-yourselfer type, you can stay organized and keep the team you hire on task with HIP.  You can vizualize your budget much easier with this home renovation app, and keep contact information and responnsibilities aligned for each of your separate third party contractors. This home renovation app also sets reminders for upoming responsibilities, making sure that all permits are on time and your remodeling project keeps on its timeline.

Build App Viewer: This home renovation app is special because it’s all in 3D, where you can use photos of your old room to design and vizualize what your new room can and will look like.  Rearrange furniture, take out cabinets and change the colors of your walls all offline or online, where you can share your options on social media to get votes from your friends!

Home Design 3D: If you want even more detail in your 3D renderings, give this app a go. This allows you to drag and drop items right into your renovated room, share on Dropbox so your contractor or spouse can also contribute ideas, all while using a plethora of additions already loaded into the app as well as the option to enter the exact dimensions of your home.  This makes it incredibly easy to visualize what size couch would fit in your family room, or what shape shower would work best in your master bath.

Color Capture is one of may home renovation apps that can help you plan your dream remodel.
Color Capture is one of many home renovation apps that can help you plan your dream remodel.

TapPainter: One of the easiest, but mood-changing options in renovation is a well-done paint job.  TapPainter allows you to see what colors you might want to try in your home, with a special algorithm that deciphers the lighting in the edges and shadows of your room so you get a more accurate representation of what shade would look best.  This is especially helpful where lighting is dim, such as a small bathroom, or in a very bright room with lots of windows.

Color Capture: This home improvement app is a Benjamin Moore product that allows you, when you are out and about, in a friend’s home, or even out in nature or anywhere, to take a photo and find out the closest paint color to your chosen shade!  This allows you access to an exact list of 3,300 Benjamin Moore paint products so there is no guessing if the color is correct, and gives you the closest store location to go pick it up.  Now how easy is that?

Handyman Calculator: If DIY projects aren’t you’re thing, but you want to get an idea of what is taking place in your home renovation, this app is a wonderful one, translating meters to feet, celcius to fahrenheit and more.  The Handyman Calculator can even give you a reading and estimate on energy usage and more.

Houzz: If you need inspiration and ideas, Houzz is a great option for a home renovation app.  They have more than 10 million high-resolution photos to get your imagination rolling, and this app also allows you to connect with over 1 million local contractors – one of which is Home Remedy!  On Houzz, you can use photos of your own home to rearrange furniture, test out different paint colors and more.

See even more great apps at this link.  Having some ideas, colors, budgets and plans before you give us a call can absolutely help Home Remedy determine timelines and materials we will need to secure for your renovation job.