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Home Remodeling Trends in 2019

Remodeling and Home Improvement Trends Currently in 2019

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When it comes to remodeling your current home that you or your current family live in, it’s always helpful to see what is currently trending and popular to have in a home to up the value. If you have not updated your home in a while, you are in for a big surprise. Current technology has created cheaper and more durable options that could last a while in your home.

Open Floor Plan.

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One major trend right now in remodeling is for your home to have an open floor plan. An open floor plan concept has so many advantages to it. The main one is that it makes your home look much larger. Most people in the market now want an open floor plan, so you can look at what walls in your house can be knocked down to create more space for your family and your guests. The most popular open floor plan now is to have your kitchen space open up to your family room so you can keep an eye on your little ones when you are busy making dinner or snacks in the kitchen. Open floor plans add more life to the room so adults can gather around and have a cocktail or coffee while still enjoying whatever is on tv. An island countertop with seating around it provides the perfect gathering spots for guests who can still chat with the others in the living room.

Spacious Kitchen. 

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With the open floor plan, you will end up spending more time in the kitchen since it will be connected to the family room. This calls for your kitchen to be one of the most important places in your home to make it pop and stand out. Like I said before, it is key to have a nice large island with stools around it to entertain or eat your dinner with your family. With the island being the centerpiece of the kitchen, you are going to want the trendiest countertop out there right now to make your home feel higher end. Right now, white marble and quartz counter tops have been the most eye-popping and popular countertops as of late. If you are looking to save a little bit on the kitchen, the quartz countertops are a little less pricey. They are also much easier to maintain. Surrounding your island, you will have your appliances and cabinets. For your appliances you can never go wrong with stainless-steel to match your stainless-steel farmhouse sink. And to match that white countertop, the cabinets must be white as well. Having everything the same color will make your kitchen appear much bigger and attractive. Throughout this open floor plan in the kitchen and the living room, many people now are choosing nice wood floors to tie everything together.

Natural Lighting.
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Another trend in home remodeling which makes your house feel much bigger is to let the sun shine in and add more windows to your home for some natural light. Or even replacing your current windows can provide more light. One would be surprised on how much of a difference it can make replacing an old hazy window with a new clear one. Also, newer windows are more energy efficient making the indoor temperature of your home more comfortable while helping to save you money on your electric bills.

Upgrading the Master. 

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Upgrading your master bedroom has also become a true staple in making a perfect home in 2019. You spend 8 hours of your day at least just sleeping in your bedroom so why not make it the most relaxing place in your home. Start by remodeling your bathroom and giving yourself a spa-like feel to your shower and sink area. In the shower, you can make it very spacious with multiple shower heads and even a place to sit down and relax. As for the sink area you definitely need two sinks. One for him and one for her. The style of sink that you need to make you bathroom look like a spa is the popular vessel sink that looks like the shape of a bowl where the water streams down softly.  With technology now, heated floors are available, so you don’t get that cold feeling in the bathroom when you wake up in the morning like you do with regular tile. Also, another trend is having a his and hers walk-in closet, so you don’t have to fight for space and you always know where your belongings are. This makes getting ready in the morning much easier as a couple. Extra rooms in master bedrooms are also becoming huge upgrades. You can use them as an office or workout room and not get bothered by you little ones.

Remodeling the Mudroom. 


Speaking of little ones. Remodeling for a mudroom addition to the main entrance of your house or garage is the perfect way to keep your house a little less messy, especially if you have kids. Mudrooms need to have a sitting area for your children to take all their shoes, coats, and hats off before they go into the house. Adding cubby spaces for shoes and hanging hooks for coats will go a long way in making your house less of a mess. Having tile in these rooms is important since tile is the easiest to clean when it gets dirty. Remodeling your mudroom is key to keeping your house clean

Warmer Paint Colors. 


When changing the paint color, you can never go wrong with warmer colors. The colors white and grey will always be popular and will never go anywhere as they won’t clash with anything throughout the house. But you should expect to see more earthier and warmer tones becoming more popular in 2019. Colder white will be replaced with softer white. Warmer greys have also become more popular as opposed to cooler greys. In your mind, picture the color of a dove. That is the type of grey becoming more popular with all of the home designers this year. For the design throughout the home, you cannot forget about the mixed metal and metallic finish. The metals that are popular right now include brass, copper, gunmetal, and matte black. The reason for these metals being so popular is that they won’t clash with any of your softer white and grey colors throughout your home.

Remodeling the Master Shower. 


Throughout your home in all rooms and hallways bringing outdoor elements into it can help warm up a plain space. When you have a room full of white, who wouldn’t want to look at a nice green plant to balance out the room and make it feel homey? Also speaking of outdoor elements into your home, you can remodel your master shower to be extremely elegant by having some stone tiles and copper on the wall to give it a more modern, rustic feel.

Open Shelving.


I know earlier I talked about keeping the kitchen plain in the more modern look but everyone thinks differently and has their own brain right? Well, another kitchen look that is becoming more popular in remodeling is adding some color along with the white. Some homeowners are choosing more colorful options of cabinets to contrast with their white countertops. Open Shelving is a trend right now where you get to show off all off your fancy wine glasses, bowls, and plates. People are choosing the paints of green and blue to mash or even plain wood to go with the wood flooring.

Landscaping & Redesigning your Backyard.

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If you spend a lot of time you your backyard as a family or even just to relax by yourself, you might want to think about upgrading it. If you’re about to begin the process of landscaping and redesigning your backyard, you might find it hard to think of what you might actually need. For entertaining purposes dining areas are becoming must-haves when it comes to a nice modern backyard design. Remodeling your house to have a backyard bar is a huge trend right now because who doesn’t enjoy a drink outside? It is also a great property value enhancement. The most popular trends right now in a bar area is to have a little kitchen and grill. And since most of the time after long work days you are grilling at night, it is nice to have a stone fireplace on the outside connected to the kitchen area. Since you will be using wood in the fire outside and will have it stored nearby. The most popular finish around the kitchen and the ceiling of the outdoor dining area is a nice oak, wood finish to tie everything together.

Adding in a Stone Fireplace. 


Of course, you cannot have a backyard without a pool so to go along with the stone fireplace outside to need a nice pool surrounded by rock figures on the outside to tie everything together. To surround your pool, you will need some fencing or some greenery. If you go with fencing, you will want to get a nice oak modern fence to match your eating and fire pit by your pool. If you want to add some green to the yard you can always go with the plants or trees of your choice to bring privacy to your home. If you are not into the pool scene and have a little bit of a green thumb, one of the most comforting things you can have in your backyard is a dedicated vegetable garden where you can grow your own vegetables, herbs or fruits and walk them right to that outdoor kitchen or inside for your own home-made meal. If you are one of those people who have more of a green thumb then you should remodel to have a little deck outside where you can look over your plants and flowers and enjoy a nice book while your kids are playing. If you have any additional questions, or need some help with your next home remodeling project, feel free to contact us here at Home Remedy.