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Home Remodeling tips for 2017


Important Home Remodeling Tips

Home remodeling is a crucial process for homeowners and sellers. You can do some small renovations to make your house attractive, or even raise the value of your home if you are planning to sell it. The level of renovation you want to undertake depends on the resources, time and expertise you have. Below is a summary of some minor and major remodeling tips you can consider for your home:

Minor Home Remodeling Tips

Improving the Exterior and Interior Walls

Painting a home will give it an authentic new look. Select the perfect color for your house by using paint color cards to identify the best combination for sidings, trims, and doors. When selecting a paint color for the interior walls, ensure the color blends well with your furniture. Take a look here to see some of our examples!

Interior Shutters

You can do with a little privacy by replacing your transparent windows with some beautiful wooden shutters. Wooden shutters are very effective in protecting the interior of a house from the destructive UV rays, keeping the house warm during winter and adding a historic look to the home.

Furnish your Kitchen Cabinets

The mood in your kitchen will be dull if your cabinets have a dark color. You can improve the look of your kitchen by simply cleaning the cabinets and using a bright color to paint them. This will create some brightness in the kitchen, which will go a long way to change the entire look. To ensure the cabinets are shiny and attractive, first use a sandpaper to brush off the old paint and bumps. The painting process will be easy and on point if your surfaces are smooth enough. Home renovations Houston will help you refinish your old cabinets.

Simple living room

Small updates such as replacement of light switches, placing decorative flowers, floor refinishing and outlet covers can change the appearance of your living room. You can make your living room look bigger by simply shifting furniture a small distance from the walls. If you have a carpet in the living room, have it cleaned or repaired for any torn parts.

Hang Mirrors

Hanging mirrors in a room or using mirror doors makes the room look larger and beautiful. Mirrors also contribute to making a room brighter.

Major House Renovations

Bathroom remodel

You can transform a bathroom by changing shower rods into the recent curved ones, replacing old showerheads with high-quality ones and replacing outdated light fixtures. There are many options when considering upgrading bathroom walls. You can use glass or mosaic tiles to add that shiny and attractive look to the old walls.

Replacing windows

When replacing old windows, you need to consider the economic aspect of the new windows and the beauty they add to your home. One of the options to consider is vinyl windows because they are long-lasting, attractive and very economical. These windows don’t need extra refinishing, painting or regular care once they are installed.

Another option is having soundproof windows which keep away noise from outside, hence giving you a peaceful environment when you are indoors. If you need expert advice about the best replacement windows, you can get in touch with home remodeling Houston.

Floor remodel

The type of floor you use in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom matters a lot. To improve your home, there are many floor renovation options you can consider such as floor sanding and polishing. Wooden floors can be given a new look by contacting experts such as home renovations Houston to polish dull floors. Other services provided by the experts include varnish application, gap filling and floor sanding. For ceramic floors you can have them glazed in either semigloss, matte or high-gloss format.

Garage Remodel

You can use the extra space in your garage for various things. Some of the most interesting things can be: installing bookshelves and a nice desk for office work, creating a man cave where you can have a fireplace or some nice arrangement for indoor games, a small bar, or even making it a small movie theater. Experts operating in home remodeling Houston will help you get the best ideas for your space.

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