Home Improvement Projects Before Spring

While we have had our share of cold snaps this winter, it is time to think about the home improvement projects you need to have completed by Spring here in Houston.  With increasing temperatures moving into Summer, and of course “Spring Showers”, be prepared!  It’s imperative that you have some home renovations out of the way. In this blog, our team at Home Remedy will walk you through the five most important home improvement projects to complete before the flowers bloom.

Repair your roof.

With rainy weather coming, it’s essential that you take the time to have your roof inspected and ensure any missing shingles are taken care of and any leaks are patched.  After all, your roof is the first and number one defense for your home against the elements.  After a tough winter, call a company such as ours to take a look at any damage that might have occurred.

When indoors, take a close look at room corners, the edges of your hearth, door and window jambs and anywhere your inside environment comes into close contact with your outdoor environment. Those areas are a great place to start when determining the need for home improvement projects. If you see dark spots, mold, or even feel wetness, give us a call.  Don’t forget, however, that water can sometimes travel a long way, through your walls or attic, to reach your internal walls.  A professional eye can really help troubleshoot before Spring arrives.

Clean windows and check for any damages in the panes or seals.

With the weather improving, you want to see out onto your beautiful front yard, your patch of land, or out to the birds in your new feeder. With clean windows, you can start the sunnier days with a crystal-clear view of outside. This is another great time to pay extra attention to your window sills, panes, and seals. A replacement pane may be needed if cracked through a winter storm.  You may even consider replacing your windows all together to keep the elements out and more heat (or cool) in.

Update your siding.

Any damage your house might have endured through the Winter needs to be tended to. Warped, broken or bent siding pieces can allow water and wind to damage your house from the outside. If your home and siding are older, you may consider a sustainable or green home remodeling project to use energy-efficient materials to replace the old.  Siding and other external facades are available in a variety of green or sustainable materials.  Just let us know the look you like and we can make it happen.

Give another look to your gutters.

After the blustery winds of Winter, your gutters may be in bad shape.  They may be loaded with leaves and twigs or might have gotten bent with the weight of debris. The purpose of gutters is to keep such debris, rainwater, and melted snow away from your foundation. It’s incredibly important that they are well maintained for that reason. The good news is, gutters and drainpipes don’t cost an arm and a leg. With a quick cleaning and simple replacement of a drainpipe or two, you can ensure that your foundation won’t see the effects of the Spring showers in the upcoming months.

Consider more insulation.

Insulation isn’t just for winter and keeping your heat in. Proper insulation in your attic and basement, and in the main walls of your house can help keep your air conditioning in as well.  If your house was a little chilly this winter, with the warm-up it’s a great time to ask Home Remedy to come out and add some more before next Fall rolls around.  When you can a professional to handle your insulation needs, you can keep cool while they do the hard work.

With these five spring home renovation project ideas, you can ensure that your home is protected from the elements, warm when you need it, cool on the other days, and in great shape for Spring and into Summer.