What is a Happy Handyman?

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What can a handyman do for you?

A handyman is someone who makes minor repairs or takes care of routine maintenance in your home. For example a handyman may adjust some cabinets, patch small sheetrock holes, hang some pictures, clean your gutters, or pressure wash your sidewalk. He is there to take care of all the minor odds and ends jobs that you can't handle or just don't have time to finish. If this sounds like the guy for you contact us either by phone or our form below!

When do you need an expert?

While our Handymen are extremely experienced in a wide range of minor repairs and renovations, a handyman is not someone who is going to make major repairs or do remodel work. A handyman is not going to be able or prepared to do any large scale or specialized work. For example, a handyman is not a master electrician or a certified plumber. While a handyman may be able to do a minor repair or adjustment on some cabinets, he is not the master carpenter you'll be looking for to build a new set of cabinets. For these type of projects check us out on homeremedyhouston.com to learn about our other services!

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