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Green Summer Renovations

Summer is here and that means it’s also that time of year to endure the sweltering, miserable Texas heat  That brings with it the increased cost of keeping your house cool. It seems as if the constant heat is rivaled only by the constant need to run your air conditioning 24/7. Here are few investments, and home renovations you can make to help keep energy costs down when the temps go up to ridiculous heights here in Houston.

Energy Efficient Windows

If you live in a “more mature” home or find that you are spending way too much on your electricity bill in general, perhaps it’s time to look into replacing your existing, old windows with energy-efficient windows that will save you money all year-round, if it’s hot OR cold. While it’s not exactly a cheap and easy fix for everyone, installing energy-efficient windows is an investment that adds to your home’s resale value AND cuts WAY down on your energy costs. Energy-efficient windows have a wide price range and feature everything from double panes, weather stripping and reflective coatings, all the way up to having argon gas between the panes, which is REALLY cool. Replacing your windows also allows you the opportunity to seal up drafty spots around the edges of the windows, preventing the AC from escaping when it’s hot and keeping warm air from escaping when it’s cold. Some tax credits are available as well, so check into options.


A really great option could be new insulation for your home.  To further seal up the drafty areas, replacement or addition of insulation may be the only option. When it comes to electricity costs, the attic, basement, and foundation are hot spots for increased energy loss in your home. If you have an unfinished basement, make sure to have a professional add sealant to any exposed concrete; that can really help. If your basement is finished with drywall and carpeting or another flooring, make certain that your walls are properly insulated. If they’re not, you can have a professional add loose-fill insulation without having to open the wall up – how simple! As for insulating the attic of your home, there are a plethora of different insulation materials and techniques to complete the job. Whether spray foam, fiberglass or cellulose, taking time to apply the proper insulation will add comfort and cost savings all year long, and for years to come. Look for special tax credits here, as well; you can be incentivized to go green!

A storm door can be one of many green summer renovations to help save energy and money.
A storm door can be one of many green summer renovations to help save energy and money.

Storm Doors

Who doesn’t love natural light inside their home?  Summer is is the best time to upgrade your front and back door with the addition of a decorative and beautiful storm door. Installed in with your existing exterior door, a storm door features glass and screen panels that allow you to keep your exterior door open to allow natural light and air in while keeping the door technically closed and secure from bugs and other things you wish to keep out (something we know too much about here in Texas). With the extra curb appeal built-in, the increased ventilation can help to keep air moving throughout the house, bringing your cooling costs down. Brilliant, right?

Trust a Professional

Home Remedy has worked hard to turn their clients’ dream home visions into reality when it comes to cost-effective and thoughtful renovations that can help you save money. Some projects can be done without the help of a professional, but improvements to your HVAC unit, the installation of insulation, rewiring of outdated lighting or other electrical changes can benefit from a professional hand.  If you have ideas you want to implement in your own home and would like some input, give Home Remedy a call!