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Green Remodeling Projects To Prep For Summer

After the cold weather and wet Spring it is a wonderful time to plan some green remodeling projects to prepare your home for Summer. Why should you go green?  The value of your home will go up when it’s time to sell AND you’ll save money while you live there.  It is truly a win-win for any homeowner!  So where can you get started?

Beginner Green Remodeling:

Have a professional come out and inspect what you need in between your walls. If your home is older or is just in need of an upgrade, Springtime into Summer is a great time to inspect what didn’t work in the winter in the way of keeping the cold or rain out.


Just buy them and plug them in, it’s that simple!  ENERGY STAR has a ton of variations on dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, ovens and more to match your kitchen’s current look AND save you energy, water…and money when they are used.

Workers install solar-reflective roofing to help with the enerrgy-efficiency of a home.
Workers install solar-reflective roofing to help with the energy-efficiency of a home.


There are loads of new, fandangled temperature-controlling devices on the market.  Depending on your space, how many floors you have, and materials, it is easy to find the best thermostat for your home to save you money all year long on heating and cooling; something a lot of folks think of as Houston enters into summer!

Intermediate Green Remodeling:
Sustainable and green materials.

Not all countertops, paint and flooring are the same. Look into colorful (or subdued) countertops made of recycled glass, concrete and more, which are much more earth-conscious.  Be on the look-out or ask your local hardware store for ideas on more eco-friendly paints for your walls and exterior. Finally, check out locations providing sustainably-sourced flooring for your home. A lot of sustainably-acquired woods, cork, and other materials can be incredibly durable and look great at the same time, while they are saving energy.

The main key here that many folks do not think of is getting a professional’s help in both sourcing and installing said green materials.  You want to make sure you are trusting a reputable source and your countertops aren’t coming from 2,000 miles away, with the gas mileage of the truck completely defeating the purpose of going green. Also, have these flooring solutions installed properly with the correct padding, insulation and the like will make it all the more effective for years to come.

Windows are also a wonderful option to hold in more of your temperature-controlled surroundings.  With UV-protectant-coatings on many versions now, your home can stay comfortable no matter what is happening outside with the unpredictable Houston weather!

Innovative, Advanced Green Remodeling:

Solar panels.

Did you know you can get tax deductions with different levels of solar paneling on your home?  The true embodiment of the green homeowners’ renovations, solar panels are an addition that have been available for a long time but are just now becoming more accessible. Plus, they add LOADS of resale value to your home.

HVAC System Restructuring.

If your home is older and a true fixer-upper, this is a must for any aspiring green renovator.  So many more new technologies and options have come about even in the last decade or less to improve the energy-efficiency of your home.  While it can be quite the undertaking, if you plan on staying in your home for a long time or even retiring there, this is an incredibly important area to reassess.  It can cost you some now, but even MORE into the future with failed units and lost energy due to poor installation, incorrect insulation or just old machinery working too hard to heat and cool your home.

Reflective Roofing.

A relatively new concept, reflective roofing has not been developed to deflect sunlight and heat away from your home to make it more energy-efficient inside.  Your roof can get up to 150 degrees on any normal day, and that can deteriorate your regular shingles, and force your air-conditioning to work harder. Replacing your roof with materials meant specifically for this deflection and absorption can drastically change your energy bills and look good too.

Now that the weather is getting more temperate, its time to get on our calendar and get ideas together for your green remodeling projects.  How can we help?  Need the resources to make your green remodel happen?  Give us a call or drop us a line!