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Fall Preparation Tips

It’s that time of year! The leaves are starting to change color and jackets are starting to become a vital item of clothing again. Make sure you check off these items to make sure your home is in tip-top shape before the temps start to fall. These tips are courtesy of the awesome people at Home Advisor.

Make sure you get your gutters right before Fall comes! Make sure you get your gutters right before Fall comes!

Make sure you clean your gutters and downspouts often throughout fall to prevent any potential build-up of leaves and debris. Abandoned gutters can lead to wood rot problems and pest infestations, not to mention ruined gutters. Ensure that all water is draining properly from the roof and isn’t pooling. Pooling can cause damage to the foundation of your home, driveways, and walkways.

Make sure you change your summer window screens to cool weather storm windows and doors. Inspect and repair any loose or damaged window and door frames to make sure your seals are tight come autumn. If you’re looking to lower heating bills, try installing weather stripping or caulking around windows and doors to prevent cool drafts from blowing inside.

It’s also smart to consider hiring a heating professional to check your heating system to guarantee optimal performance and discover any minor problems and fix them before they become major problems. Clean your ducts so you can better your heating system’s efficiency in addition to reducing household dust to provide relief to those with respiratory problems.

Don’t be fooled. Even though grass appears to stop growing in the fall, the roots are actually going deep into the soil to prepare for winter. Fall is the best time to fertilize and reseed your lawn. Prune your trees and shrubs after the leaves turn colors to encourage healthy growth and a long life. Make sure you trim any tree limbs that are close to power lines or the roof of your house. If any snow or ice storms happen, severe damage could occur if this isn’t done.

If you follow these tips, your house will be nice and ready for even the lowest of temperatures that this fall and winter may bring. It’s always better to be more prepared than not prepared enough. If you have any questions, contact your friends here at Home Remedy. – we are MORE than happy to help!