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D(on’t)DIY: When to Consult an Expert on Home Repairs

Trying out a DIY project is usually rewarding, but there are certain things that you should leave in the hands of an expert, or in other words, DDIY (don’t do it yourself). We have mapped out a few below. Be safe and good luck with all of your future projects!

Electrical: When dealing with any type of electrical repair, it is in your best interest to consult an expert rather than handling it on your own. Electrical work can go very wrong very quickly and may result in physical injury or destruction of a home if not taken care of properly. Whether your home has traditional or non-traditional wiring inside walls, the ceiling or panel box, the work may require special tools or procedures. Make sure to consult a licensed and insured electrician for any necessary work.

Roofing: Aside from the foundation of your home, the roof may be the most important part of the entire building. It protects everything inside the home from unwarranted outside factors. It is possible to damage the structural integrity of your home without the proper skill set and tools needed for roofing. So, in order for your roofing repair to be done the correct way, and to save yourself from serious harm, you should always contact an expert.

Windows: In order to properly install and or replace windows in your home, specialized tools and skills are required. Windows are another form of protecting everything inside of your home from outside factors (natural disasters, burglaries, etc.) and should be left to professionals for any serious necessary work. Additionally, if windows are installed properly, you can keep your energy bills down as well.

Plumbing: Any major modifications to plumbing inside your home should be left up to an expert. It only takes a few seconds to be in over your head (pun intended) with water damages if the job is not done correctly. For rerouting or extending pipes in your plumbing system, call a pro.

Gas Appliances: In any instance involving a gas line, be sure to consult a professional. Gas leaks are serious business and can cause numerous amounts of harm to not only your home, but yourself included. Carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, and explosions may all occur if dealing with gas leaks is not handled correctly. Always consult an expert.










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