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Consequences of Selecting the Wrong Contractor

This week we have Mike from Home Remedy showing us how a project can go terribly wrong if you choose a bad contractor. A longtime client of Home Remedy decided to use a family friend for their shower, and let’s just say that things did not turn out well. Not to fret, Home Remedy is here to help. We headed over to fix the shower and wanted to use this situation to teach everybody at a home a lesson while we were at it. Watch below to find out some tips and learn the consequences of hiring an untrustworthy contractor.

Showers are tricky business. It is very important when installing a shower, or even retiling a shower, that you start with the foundation rather than just building on top of what is already in place. This will help to prevent serious leaks, which happened in the scenario above, and will give you a long-lasting shower that works correctly. Paying close attention to the studs on the walls, making sure everything is secure and in the right place, before beginning your water-proofing process is extremely important as well. It is also important to place an inflatable ball in the drain of your shower and fill it with water to test it overnight and make sure that it will not leak.

These are all important and useful tidbits to be cautious of when fixing or installing a new shower. The most important thing to take from this video though is to always trust your contractor. Do your research and make sure that they know what they are talking about. Our crew would love to be of assistance for your next home project! Learn more about our team and our services here.