Living Room Remodel

Choosing the right theme for your space

Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or just thinking of redecorating your place, improving the space you occupy is always a good thing. Looking for ways to recondition and re-theme a few corners of your home stimulates, not just creative and imaginative thinking, but produces happy hormones, as well! So if you need that little push towards happyville, you may want to check out new styles and motifs your old space could sport!  

As with many things that involve color, accessories, and life, focus on the things that make you happy. Re-familiarize your preferences, likes, and personal taste. Granted that technology extends an influx of inspiration, art supplies, home remodeling companies, and furniture pieces, you have absolutely no excuse not to be able to curate the space your vision and budget affords you. 

But while the sky may be the limit when it comes to your ideas, a few guidelines in place may help narrow down the actualization of your goals. 

Here are the things you should remember when redecorating your space

black and brown leather padded tub sofa

Re-familiarize your preferences

It doesn’t matter if you’re redoing your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. When you’re thinking of switching themes for certain rooms and corners of your home, it’ll all boil down to what you want. We say refamiliarize just because anyone can have a ton of wants and likes at any point in time. So when it comes to beautifying your space, find out what mood you’d like to settle with. That being said, your lifestyle and personality leanings should be top of mind. 

Are you into movies? What kind of music do you like? Are you big on sports? What are your hobbies? Do you like it grand or does simplicity appeal to you more? There are many directions you can take, but make sure the one you’re choosing is one that you’d like to represent for you a while. 

If it helps, whip out a journal. Write things, moments, and themes that liven your spirits. The secret to the best rooms and spaces are always anchored on how your happy place looks like in your head. 

Acknowledge the designs you like, and if you’re attracted to several styles, determine which elements of what you’d like to keep. This is best achieved with a mood board. There are multiple apps you can download to see how different pictures and concepts look like at once, too. 

snake plant in vase

Think of your budget

Unless you earn like a rockstar on a world tour, you’re going to want to keep it real in the dollars department. Which among your many preferred styles and designs can you realistically afford? Which pieces can you order from online shops and department stores, and which ones should you DIY? 

Does your redecoration or renovation call for professional painting, handyman services, or are you able to work on them all by yourself? Figure out which parts of your space-tweaking needs experts. The last thing you’d want is to botch your entire project. Many aspects of home remodeling demand years of experience, so don’t shy away from asking for help when it’s needed. 

green cactus plant in room

Decorate in phases, if you must 

Money talks, and unless you have unlimited streams of income, feel free to design your space in phases. You don’t have to finish the entire project and complete your vision all at once unless certain circumstances dictate otherwise. For the most part, you can take it one a time. If your budget allows you to purchase only that one wooden drawer you’ve been eyeing for a while now, do that first and continue your project when the next paycheck rolls in. 

Of course, this all depends on how much your budget is and how fast you want to finish the entire thing. But more often than not, you shouldn’t rush yourself. This is where careful planning, budgeting, and a good grasp of redecoration and renovation comes in. To avoid frustration, create a realistic timeline for yourself.

Consider your budget, the pieces you want to buy, the fees of experts you may need to call, the logistics involved in all of this. Rome wasn’t built in a day. So your space shouldn’t be either. 

Consider upcycling 

Many times, both homeowners and renters forego the capacity of upcycling. You’ll be surprised to know that many of the things you already own—mostly, the ones you want to get rid of—can be used in other ways. For instance, ask yourself if you really hate that kitchen cabinet or if only its color is bothering you. Do you really need to throw away your plant pots now and replace them with new ones or do they just need to be placed elsewhere and designed with a fresh coat of paint?

Do you really need to buy a new bed frame or can the empty wooden crates at the basement replace that need instead? When it comes to beautifying your space, you don’t always have to replace every single piece of furniture. Sometimes, all it takes is moving a few things around and painting them a different color. Have family pictures just gathering dust in boxes under your bed? Use them to cover an entire wall if possible. You don’t need to look far for fresh ideas and usable materials. Being resourceful and creative reaps many advantages. 

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Prioritize local shops 

We’re all tempted to buy stuff from different parts of the globe now. Delivery services have made it exponentially convenient to purchase items from different parts of the world, solely because suppliers and manufactures are everywhere now. But before pressing that add to cart button, determine if the chairs you’d like to order from Germany are available in your local furniture shop. Yes, it can be tempting to look for pieces with history and an enviable brand name attached to them, but supporting local businesses benefits the environment, too. There’s also a high chance they’re much cheaper. 

Not only will you be able to save a ton of time when you buy things that are nearby, but you also lessen the carbon footprint of your purchases. It doesn’t hurt that you’re helping boost the local economy, too! And given how Texas is fortunate to have inventive makers and suppliers, we’re sure you’re bound to find something within your area that’ll meet both your functional and aesthetic needs. 

green leafed plant in can hanging on wall

Be open to other options

Many times when you redecorate your space, you’ll find that certain things won’t always be available when you need them the most. Sometimes, logistical needs can be tough, too. Whatever it is, know that many things can alter and change as you go about your little home project. Whether it’s a wallpaper that doesn’t turn out the way you want it to or if it’s a change of theme because of budget capacity, don’t limit yourself to one vision. Be specific with what you want, but learn to have fun, too. 

Ask your friends their opinions if you’re unsure about some stuff and don’t be afraid to call professionals if you need to. Re-theming your place should be more therapeutic than stressful. Above all, don’t be too hard on yourself. Take breaks if you must, and enjoy the process.