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Summer Energy Efficiency At Home

If you’re in our neck of the woods, this summer has been SCORCHING.  One after another 100-degree days have had everyone’s air conditioning units running on blast 24-7.  And to be quite honest, we’ve started to resent the mail carrier for bringing our energy bills (it’s getting personal!  HA!)...Read More

Save On Your Kitchen Renovation

Renovating your kitchen but still looking to stay within a certain budget? Here are eight ways you can save some serious bucks on your kitchen remodel, even if you need to enlist the help of a professional. 1. Have a grand plan. If you’re doing more than a simple...Read More

Websites For Renovation Inspiration

Have you saved up but aren’t exactly sure where to go for renovation inspiration? Home Remedy is always happy to brainstorm and perfect your plan, but it is a great strategy to have some colors, textures and budget in mind when you approach any contractor for a big remodeling...Read More

Save Money And Time With Your Renovation

Home renovation can be very complicated and stressful in some peoples’ eyes. Here are some helpful tips that will put you at ease and help the process of saving your home, your money and time during a big renovation. Get efficient. There are simpler ways to gain room around...Read More

RePurpose Depot Open House on June 23

What happens to materials in a home when it has to be demolished for renovation or after a natural disaster? This question puzzled Caroline Kostak, a former NASA Flight Controller, and RePurpose Depot was born. RePurpose Depot (RPD) is a retail startup that was established to utilize materials that...Read More