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Bedroom Remodeling Projects for Spring

We know it’s been cold and gloomy, but the Home Remedy team is ready for your fresh bedroom remodeling projects. Do you want to take your master or guest bedroom to new heights this Spring? Well, we have plenty of ideas for you. There is nothing like a colorful or serene new look to bring your bedroom into the warmer months after being holed up all winter.  This is especially nice while staying within a budget.  Can you visualize it?  If not, thanks to Country Living for the gorgeous ideas and photos! Click through to see their whole gallery of before-and-afters!

And open and airy approach to your bedroom remodel can blow your guests away.
An open and airy approach to your bedroom remodel can blow your guests away.

Peaceful, Easy Feeling.

It’s amazing what some fresh paint and light flooring can do for a bedroom remodeling project. When you walk in, you have some special dormer style windows that let the long-overdue sunlight in. Pale walls and beautiful light wood flooring are a great match, giving the room an airy feeling.  Including a few recycled items and comfortable but bright linens are both great ways to add some personality along with your favorite books and knick-knacks.  While you provide the memorable pieces as accents, Home Remedy is the right team to call for perfect interior painting jobs to laying the most intricate flooring.

Light and White.

For a clean and spa-like feel, white, white, and more white can be a great option for your bedroom renovation project. White tile flooring in interesting patterns or white-washed reclaimed wood is great.  Oftentimes, these can be a wonderful and sustainable material option, and stay eco-friendly if that is a priority. With white sheets, pillows and a fluffy duvet, white shelving, window treatments, and rugs, white can create a calming, pared-down sanctuary for you or your visitors. Right before your guests arrive, pick some fresh flowers for ceramic, white vases on the nightstand and you’re set!

Pops of Color.

Is the white on white just too bland for you? Have some fun with glorious pops of color for your Spring bedroom remodeling project! Color doesn’t just have to be in accessories like loud accent pillows (while those are nice too). Shiny, glassy tiles can make a one-of-a-kind floor or you can go retro with flashy wallpaper in a charming and fun pattern!  Another idea is to invest in some interesting and colorful light fixtures or a ceiling fan with vibrant blades. If you need help with the right bright colors for your walls, flooring, built-in cabinetry or any other fun ideas, just let our team know! We’re happy to brainstorm with you!

The natural texture of reclaimed wood is a great option for your bedroom remodeling project.
The natural texture of reclaimed wood is a great option for your bedroom remodeling project.

Go Natural.

Sometimes neutrals are the fresh way to go in a bedroom remodeling project. Sandy tans, grays, and pastels are perfect for the warming weather and can be welcoming to your guests, or you and your spouse after a long day at work.  While keeping with a more natural palette, this is also a fantastic theme for those looking to find green or sustainable materials to complete their look.  Driftwood, reclaimed wood, and other natural items are the perfect accents for the natural bedroom of your dreams. The textures lent to these natural items chosen for doors, shelving and even a headboard or wall paneling can give a unique, rustic warmth to the space where you lay your head.

Hopefully, this gives you a few ideas to bring the beautiful bright colors…or breezy palettes…or the natural beauty of the changing seasons indoors to make your bedroom distinctive, cushy, and the perfect hideaway to count your Zs.