Bathroom Remodeling Aspirations Reclaimed in 2018

No more waiting; the new year calls for that bathroom remodel you dreamed of for all of 2017! Whether it is a warm and inviting remodel of a small space or a cool and clean look for your bathroom improvement project that you are going for, there is no better time than the present to brainstorm ideas. Why not call Home Remedy, your best friends when it comes to the bathroom remodeling business? Let’s start the conversation about your much-needed bath renovation with the ideas below!

The dark blue tile in this bathroom is inviting and cozy.

The dark blue tile in this bathroom is clean and cozy.

Cool and Clean:

Sometimes a bathroom remodel calls for a fresh, relaxed, and open flow. Home Remedy is just the team to handle the job. Light colors can help achieve this look, including pastels, like sky blues, yellows, and whites. With the addition of sleek and stylish fixtures, your bathroom renovation won’t feel clinical, sterile or cold, but spa-like, airy and rejuvenating for your shower each morning. The thoughtful use of stone can lend a sustainable and green twist to the countertops. If there is a lot of natural light from windows or skylights, consider some indoor plants if space allows.

Warm and Inviting:

Often times, a bathroom may not get the natural light you’d love, so investing in a cozier bathroom home improvement plan could make more sense for you. Rich colors such as navy, chocolate, emerald or wine can create a warm cocoon for your evening bubble baths. Darker stains or tile can be enduring and homey. Reclaimed wooden shelves and cabinets or woven baskets for storage can be a comforting natural addition as well.  These items are perfect where you can’t necessarily include live plants for lack of windows.

Classic and Timeless:

There are many ways to ensure that your bathroom renovation stands the test of time. One great way is to include sleek fixtures and neutral tones such as white, tans or grays for all larger, expensive components. Refraining from overly ornate knobs or handles and staying away from the fleeting or fashionable paint colors of the moment will make for a longer lasting bathroom remodel. Even black and white options in tile, hardware, cabinetry and decor are a constant that can be tweaked year after year without a massive overhaul and continue to stay in vogue.

The decision to go black and white in this bathroom is timeless.

The decision to go black and white in this bathroom renovation is timeless.

Modern and Hip:

Of course, the latest, chicest colors, most interesting materials and sleekest fixtures will give you the contemporary bathroom that you’ll love, but the newest way to ensure your bathroom renovation is stylish and fresh is to incorporate sustainable and green materials and functionalities. Environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient and still gorgeous, reclaimed wood paneling or flooring, calculated window installations and water-saving showers, toilets, and sinks with modern lines will keep your bathroom makeover cutting-edge and elegant, and thoughtful at the same time, which is just about as hip as you can be.


If a huge bathroom renovation just isn’t in your budget, no sweat. Home Remedy can still help you create the personal and private space of your dreams. With a simple cabinet refinish with paint or stain, a long overdue faucet replacement or a few inexpensive, decorative additions like colorful drawer pulls, a new mirror or storage, your bathroom can go from drab to fab in a matter of an hour or two. If there are sufficient windows, add a few indoor plants.  Make sure you choose ones that enjoy humidity like ferns or orchids. Creating a revitalized space for you and your family doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking, and Home Remedy is happy to help with the elements that require some professional hands! We are happy to brainstorm with you to make your bathroom exactly as you envision it, with all the amenities you desire.