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5 Roof Maintenance Tips | Home Remedy Houston

With all of the recent rain and hail in Houston, we wanted to use this month as an opportunity to educate you on what you need to be looking for on your home roof in order to keep it maintained throughout the year. Home Remedy Houston roofing is here to take care of all of your roofing needs. Site back, relax, and enjoy this quick tutorial on how to maintain your roof!

Here are a few tips to remember!

1. Gutters with gutter screens

Remember that just because you have the screens does not mean that you no longer have to check your gutters. You still need to make sure they are in place and covering the gutter. Over time leaves and other items will knock the gutter screen loose, making them virtually useless.

2. Gutters without gutter screens

If you don’t have screens you need to check regularly for leaves and other debris getting stuck in your gutter. If you don’t take care of this it will cause your drain to clog up and water will build up in your gutters. Over time this can get behind your flashing which can cause a leak in your house, leading to much more damage.

3. Checking the items nailed into your roof

If you have items nailed into your shingles, such as vents or exhaust areas with flashing, over time in the Houston sun these items can warp, causing the nails to come loose from the shingles and leaving a small hole exposed. This hole can lead to leaking in your attic when it rains.

4. Branches and Foliage

Be careful with trees `and other plants growing near your home, branches over time can scrap up against your shingles to the point of removing shingles again allowing water into your attic. Specifically after heavy storms your should check your roof if you have trees above your home.

5. Beware of Rodents

Squirrels and other rodents love to chew on items in your roof, rodents typically have teeth that continuously grow, therefore, the chew on things. Beware of them eating holes into your attack, which can cause leaks and openings for other critters to call it their home.

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